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Listen to how Patsy Cline “fibbed” to perform on CBS


Julie Fudge, daughter of Patsy Cline, shares a story about how Cline’s mother fibbed, acting as her manager, in order to get Patsy Cline onto Arthur Godfrey’s CBS show to perform live.


Now tell us, Mrs. Hensley, whom did you bring? Arthur Godfrey's people did not want family to be there as a representative, so you had to have a manager.

Well I brought a young girl from Virginia who is on Decca Records: Miss Patsy Cline. From Winchester? That's right.

What's the name of her song? Walking After Midnight. And Patsy Cline from Winchester Virginia, known her all your life have you? Yes, just about.

So they kinda fibbed, and my grandmother introduced her friend that she had brought along and no one ever asked a question. Where did she work professionally?

Well, she is a regular member of the cast of Town and Country Jamboree and she has made a personal appearance on the Grand Ole Opry from Nashville, Tennessee.

Well, it's nice to meet you, Mrs. Hensley, my neighbor. And here, through your kindness, is Patsy Cline. [singing] [singing] [singing] Don't go away Patsy, you done won this.

You thank all those nice people out there. Bless your little heart - sit down sit down - before you have a heart attack.

How many of these have you ever won? This is the first. This is your first one?

Is that the first record you made?

No, I've got four records made.

Have you had any hits? No. You know, I've got a hunch this one is. Oh, I hope so. It's commercial, isn't it commercial?


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