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Learn which Patsy Cline songs inspire Reba McEntire


Some of the last songs Patsy Cline recorded, especially “Sweet Dreams,” still inspire country musicians like Reba McEntire today.


After the session, we played the 'Always' album back, and Patsy was very proud of it. And that's the last, really, the last time that I saw her. [singing: why can't i forget you and start my life anew?] Sweet Dreams was a song that I recorded because I'm such a huge fan of Patsy Cline, and I would end the show with that acapella. She brought a dignity to a woman's feelings.

You know, I think that the way that she sang with such feeling and with such dignity allowed any woman to feel, 'you know what? I am important. My feelings do count.'

It's just that type of song - the first time you hear it, it just touches your heart.

And probably everybody has been in that situation one time or another in their life. [SINGING: Why can't I forget the past, start loving someone new, instead of having sweet dreams about you?]


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