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Hear how Patsy Cline met her husband, Charlie Dick


Patsy Cline and Charlie Dick were two young, passionate musicians from working-class backgrounds. After meeting at a club, the two struck up a relationship, and it seemed like a perfect match.


April, 1956, Patsy had her third recording session with Owen and her path would cross with another special someone. [SINGING: I've loved and lost again Oh what a crazy world we're living in.'

Patsy was singing at a club, and a good-looking young guy came up and asked her if she wanted to dance, and she said, 'No I'm working. I don't dance,' but that guy was Charlie Dick. I started going to dances, and I started on the one in Maryville, Virginia, at the army, where this group called the Kountry Krackers were playing, and we went there for a long time before ever seeing Patsy, because she came - she was on the Jimmy Dean show in Washington at the same time - and she came in there and started working for them on Friday nights, and then doing the Dean show on Saturday nights.

Patsy and Charlie, who both liked to have fun and loved music - Charlie especially loved Patsy's music, became a couple. [singing: don't seem to matter any more...] My brother said - told my mother - I'm going to bring Patsy Cline home tonight, and I think she didn't believe it. She'd seen her on TV. They were very well suited, because they were both from this side of town. They weren't dirt poor, but they didn't have a lot. So they had that whole complete thing in common. He dropped out of school at an early age. She dropped out of school at a fairly early age.

They both had mothers, did not have fathers. [singing: i've loved and lost again...] They both liked to be on the run all the time.

Her first husband, Gerald Cline, kind of liked her to be more of a homebody, but as soon as Charlie met her, if she said 'let's go here or there,' he had the car running before she could get out to the car.

[singing: they'll tell you you're out of style...]


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