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Raúl Juliá and Meryl Streep Go Head-to-Head


Two of the greatest actors of their generation unleash their powers in this clip from Raúl Juliá: The World’s a Stage that features rare, archival footage of Joseph Papp’s 1978 Shakespeare in the Park production of The Taming of the Shrew. Raúl Juliá plays Petruchio, an equal match for Meryl Streep’s Kate.


- She denied to wed, I'll crave the day when I shall ask the bands and when be married.

(screams) (crowd laughing) But here she comes, and now Petruchio's peak.

- Raul did a number of absolutely unforgettable performances for us.

But the one that nobody who saw it will ever forget was the Petruchio he played opposite Meryl Streep in Taming of the Shrew.

- My super dainty Kate.

For dainties are all Kates and therefore Kate, take this of me, Kate.

- What you're watching is two of our greatest actors at the height of their powers fighting with each other because that's what Petruchio and Kate do.

- Farewell!

- What, with my tongue in your tail?

(crowd laughing) Nay, come again good Kate, I am a gentleman.

- That I'll try.

(slap) - She's gonna meet her match.

She's gonna meet someone that is just like her, that's why I love her, she's just like me.

- What we're talking about is the story of a relationship, two people that don't, they just don't come together kind of quietly in a little cafe.

They run smash into each other.

I cannot!

- Nay, hear you Kate in sooth you scape not so.

- I chafe you, if I tarry, let me go!

- No, not a whit, I find you passing gentle.

Twas told to me you were rough and coy and sullen.

And now I find report a very liar.

For thou art pleasant, gain some, passing courteous but slow in speech, yet sweet as springtime flowers.

Thou canst not frown, thou canst not look askance, nor bite the lip as angry wenches will.

Nor hast thou pleasure to be cross in talk.

But thou with mildness entertain'st thy wooers - To watch Meryl be matched with an actor that was as strong as her, as smart as her, as funny as her, as winning as her, as cunning as her, is spectacular.

- Kate! Like the hazel twig is straight and slender, and as brown in hue as hazel-nuts, and sweeter than the kernels.

- The energy between them is extraordinary.

You watch that and you go unmistakably, just as Meryl is the greatest actress in the last century, Raul is right up there with her.


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