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- Every single one of the people who met him and knew him became intimate friends with him, and had their own story with him, and felt like they were like his best friends.

He gave so much to everyone, but he was larger than life.

Marcos Zurinaga, and myself, and him, that trio was monumental in scope because how we do is sittin' and laugh, and tell stories, and smoke cigars, and when we'd go and do our sake.

Boy, he would stand up on the table and recite Shakespeare, but in such a way that wasn't to embarrass the audience, embarrass the people who were there, but to really give to them the experience of the classical understanding of life, and he would stand up on the table, and nobody would stop him.

Nobody would be embarrassed.

Nobody would stand up or laugh at him or anything.

It would just like (gasps). We were in awe because he would commit, and he would do Shakespeare, and then when he'd stop, he would come down as if it was just a natural part of the day or night (murmurs), and it was crowded situations.

Sometimes it was just us and the maitre d.


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