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Watch Six Charlie Chaplin Films in Our Virtual Silent Movie Theater

Charlie Chaplin’s iconic physical comedy has delighted audiences for over a century. The below six films showcase his mastery of slapstick humor, mistaken identity hi-jinks, and infamous “Tramp” character. Grab some popcorn and watch Chaplin’s early film work below.

For the full silent moviegoer’s experience, check out our playlist featuring music from Chaplin’s films!


1. The Count (1916)

Source: Public Domain Movies

The Count features two of Chaplin’s recurring costars, Eric Campbell and Edna Purviance. After a clumsy mishap in a tailor shop, Chaplin ends up at a party in the home of a Count. In a classic Chaplin plot device, he assumes the identity of the Count to catch the attention of a rich heiress (Purviance).  The Count is a stellar example of Chaplin’s physical comedy chops as well as an absurd satire of high society.


2. The Champion (1915)

Source: Public Domain Movies

The Champion finds Chaplin as The Tramp, down and out on the streets with a trusty pet bulldog companion. Desperately in need of some cash, he turns to boxing and soon ends up in the ring. Stick around for the final sequence, a knockout fight scene rendering Chaplin and his four-legged sidekick reigning champions.


3. The Adventurer (1917)

Source: Public Domain Movies

The Adventurer was written and directed by Chaplin. The fast-paced comedy short features Chaplin as an escaped convict on the run from the police. After a frenetic beach-side chase, Chaplin has a chance encounter with a wealthy family.  The Adventurer also marks Chaplin’s final collaboration with co-star Eric Campbell, who died in a car accident soon after the film’s completion.


4. The Jitney Elopement (1915)

Source: Public Domain Movies

In The Jitney Elopement, a romance blooms between Chaplin and Edna Purviance. When Purviance is arranged to wed a wealthy count, Chaplin attempts to sabotage the engagement to hilarious (and disastrous) results. The film also features historic views of what is now Golden Gate Bridge Park.


5. The Floorwalker (1916)

Source: Public Domain Movies

In his first picture with Mutual Film Corporation, Chaplin stars as a department store customer who unwittingly uncovers an embezzlement scheme by the store’s manager and floorwalker. Featuring a stellar array of knockout physical comedy, The Floorwalker is notable for its ‘running staircase’ gag sequence.


6. Easy Street (1917)

Source: Public Domain Movies

Easy Street was Chaplin’s ninth film for Mutual Film Corporation. The film features Chaplin as The Tramp, who after attending a church sermon, is inspired to turn his life around. After answering a help wanted ad for the local police force, he accepts a job in a rough-and-tumble neighborhood meant to resemble Chaplin’s own South London birthplace.  Full of frenzied action and carefully choreographed physicality, Easy Street was well received upon its release.



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