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7 Charlie Chaplin GIFs to Make You “Smile”

Just like his famous song of the same name, these scenes from some of Charlie Chaplin’s films will make you “Smile.” As it turns out, the physical comedy and expressiveness that was required for successful silent film making is ideal for making internet GIF animations. Listen to his song as you experience some of his comic mastery in seven of our favorites.

1. The Gold Rush (1925)

In The Gold Rush (1925), Chaplin (The Little Tramp) ventures north towards the Klondike Gold Rush. He ends up getting stuck in a cabin with a fugitive and gold prospector. Hilarity ensures.


2. More from The Gold Rush (1925)

There’s nothing like passing the time with a bread-and-fork table dance.


3. The Kid (1921)

In this heartwarming full-length silent movie, Chaplin meets a young orphan who he raises. Chaplin directed, composed and starred in this film.


4. More from The Kid (1921)

Some secrets are a bit too wet to handle!











5. Easy Street (1917)

Easy Street was Chaplin’s ninth film for Mutual Film Corporation. The film features Chaplin as The Tramp, who, after attending a church sermon, is inspired to turn his life around.


6. The Cure (1916)

A comedy short, in The Cure Chaplin checks into a health spa and chaos ensues.


7. The Floorwalker (1916)

In this comedic short Chaplin causes a ruckus in a department store. There’s nothing like a high-speed escalator chase!



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