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“Guile and Deception: The Evolution of Animal Courtship” – The New York Times;=9F04E7D81539F93A A25751C0A963948260&scp;=2&sq;=amorous+females&st;=nyt
Fossils indicate that male adornments like crests and antlers gradually became exaggerated through eons of time.

Monogamy among birds – Stanford
This article discusses the shift in understandings of monogamy among bird species.

11 Examples of Unusual Mating Habits
From penguins to porcupines, this article covers 11 animals with interesting courtship and mating habits.

Secret Lives of Animals Blog
This blog, written by an evolutionary biologist, explores the unique mating habits of creatures great and small.

The secret rules of sex: the strange world of animal passions – The Independent
Observations of how male topi antelope reject female sexual advances have led to new insights in this field of biology.

“In Most Species, Faithfulness Is a Fantasy” – The New York Times
This article explores how monogamy is not practiced by the majority of species.
Books and Print

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Shuster, Stephen M. and Michael J. Wade. MATING SYSTEMS AND STRATEGIES. Princeton, NJ: Princeton Univ. Press, 2003



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