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Good Nature: Big Bend: The Wild Frontier of Texas


After each NATURE premiere, we gather online videos we love into a playlist. From our newest film to incredible footage from around the web, here were our favorites. And don’t forget, you can always subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss a thing!

In Case You Missed It:

Watch “Big Bend: The Wild Frontier of Texas” HERE

Roam the Wild West frontier land of the Rio Grande’s Big Bend alongside its iconic animals, including black bears, rattlesnakes and scorpions. Watch HERE.

Our Favorite Moments From the Film:

Meet The World’s Smallest Owl

Watch the elf owl, the smallest owl in the world, hunt food for its chicks.

Anna’s Hummingbird Filmed Nesting for First Time in Big Bend

This is the first time these birds have ever been seen nesting in Big Bend.

Sly Bear Steals From Woodpecker’s Acorn Stash

There are many reasons Big Bend is good for bears and this is one of them.

More Good Nature:

Behind The Scenes: Filming in Big Bend

Filmmaker Skip Hobbie discusses his and the crew’s experience making “Big Bend: The Wild Frontier of Texas.”


Good Nature Playlist:

From PBS and Texas Parks and Wildlife, continue learning about Big Bend and National Parks with this playlist!

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