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What to Watch: November


Credit: © Seawhisper/Shutterstock

Now that autumn is in full swing, we’re excited to share a month full of brand new NATURE films! Here’s our rundown of what to watch this month either by tuning in on PBS or streaming online beginning the day after each program airs.

November 7 – Super Cats: Episode 3 – Science and Secrets

Our 3-part miniseries, Super Cats, concludes with this final episode. It’s a critical time for cat research and conservation. New approaches and technologies help uncover some of the cats’ most intimate secrets, including the cheetah’s remarkable gymnastic abilities and why lions are able to hunt so cooperatively.

November 14 – A Squirrel’s Guide to Success

The squirrel family – from tiny chipmunks to big prairie dogs – is one of the most widespread on Earth. There are almost 300 species of squirrels that can glide through the air, outwit rattlesnakes, and survive the coldest temperatures of any mammal. Discover the secrets to their success.

November 21 – Dogs in the Land of Lions

Follow the unforgettable journey of a close-knit family of wild dogs in Zimbabwe and witness rarely-seen behavior, from tender moments with newborn pups to the thrills of hunting wildebeest, to close encounters with their greatest enemy – the lion.

November 28 – Snow Bears

Witness the incredible journey of newborn polar bear cubs as they leave the safety of their den for the first time. Bravely led by their mother, the cubs must make the perilous 400-mile Arctic trek to the sea to feed. Narrated by Kate Winslet.

Remember to tune in on Wednesdays at 8|7c on PBS (check local listings) or stream episodes right here on the NATURE website beginning the following day. Happy November Viewing!