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This summer I was fortunate enough to work on White Falcon, White Wolf — the first show in NATURE’s Season 27 lineup. The film takes place on Ellesmere Island, which is so high up in the Arctic most people wouldn’t dream of traveling there, let alone haul film equipment, camp, and follow animals for weeks on end. But a group of people did just that, and I had the opportunity to interview four of them.

Shot during the brief Ellesmere Island summer, White Falcon, White Wolf captures a season when the cycles and connections of life are quite visible — light returns, babies are born, and vegetation flourishes. Following the lives of a family of gyrfalcons and a tight-knit pack of white wolves, the dramas that unfold in this show are not to be missed. So tune in on October 26, and when you find yourself wondering, “How did those filmmakers get that shot?” you can find out here.

— Irene Tejaratchi Hess, NATURE Producer