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Arctic Diary: Tracking Wolves | July 19 | Tough Terrain


It was Jonny’s day to do a bit of exploring and increase our knowledge of the locality, so he followed our tracks east and was able to get over the river that was too strong for “H” and me previously.

We’ve all noticed huge daily changes in the rivers around here.

Sometimes they are full and flowing and others, a little trickle and easily fordable.

I think it has something to do with the fluctuation in temperatures and therefore how much melt water is being carried.

It is also dependent on whether some big piece of snow has suddenly slipped into the water way up on the mountainside.

Jonny went to a sharp and distinctive headland overlooking the fiord that on a previous expedition my team called “never-ending point” due to the never ending journey getting there.

The very cold atmosphere of winter as well as the ground we’re travelling on tends to fore-shorten estimates of distance and size, which can be very frustrating if you’re not used to it.

From there he climbed up on to the mountain to its very summit, about 700m, and saw the spectacular view over another fiord, big sharp mountains and a massive ice cap rising to 2500m.

I always think of ice caps as yummy ice cream which has just been dolloped on a mountain range. I’m beginning to dream of real food; that’s a sure sign of having too much of the super-freeze-dried muck.