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Additional Web and Print Resources

On the Web

International Polar Year 2007-2009
Get updates on current scientific missions and findings from the globally coordinated effort to further scientific research in the polar regions.

Global Warming 101: Ellesmere Island Expedition 2008
Read reports from a team of eight explorers dog sledding across Ellesmere Island to track the effects of global warming.

The Northern Ellesmere Ice Shelves, Ecosystems and Climate Impacts science expedition
This site provides news and detailed reports on the current status of the Ellesmere ice shelves.

Wolves of the High Arctic – Research on the Arctic Wolves of Ellesmere Island
Wolf expert L. David Mech shares his journal and field notes from Ellesmere Island.

International Wolf Center
International Wolf Center provides outreach and education in the name of wolf conservation.

Large Animal Research Station (LARS)
Learn more about musk ox research and conservation from the Institute of Arctic Biology.

Mammal Fact Sheet: Musk Ox
Get additional information on the musk ox of the Arctic.

When Habitat Freezes Over, by Ed Struzik;col1
This article published in International Wildlife details the death of many caribou and musk ox in the Canadian Arctic due to a thick ice sheet forming over their food source.


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