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Science Matters: A Special Message from Executive Producer Fred Kaufman


Fred Kaufman, Executive Producer, NATURE on PBS

Nature. It’s a place for peace and enjoyment, for quiet observation or active pursuit. It’s also the starting point for much of what we study and learn in science.

Each time we venture out, with camera or without, with friends or solo, we witness the enormity of our natural world. Whether Central Park or Yosemite National Park or the Brazilian wetlands, we experience life and death, beauty and the interdependence of all living things – for better and worse. We enhance our understanding of organisms and species and habitats or we just revel in the uniqueness of a place.

For 35 years, NATURE on PBS has been shining a light on the natural world – around the globe – for all who love to dig a little deeper into the beauty and science of the world around us.

We have produced 555 episodes — about hummingbirds and honeybees and snow monkeys and armadillos. We’ve been to every continent and witnessed nature at its most awe-inspiring and heart breaking. We’ve spent a year with turkeys and we’ve gone undercover with penguins and we’ve flown with birds of all types.

But perhaps our proudest accomplishment is seen in those whom we’ve inspired. Thousands of fans over the years have written about the passion we spark in them. We’ve heard from future marine biologists and current paleontologists who credit NATURE with their vocation. It is truly a privilege to have the capacity to inspire our future scientists.

All of this is made possible through the generous support of the Federal government as well as individuals and institutions who believe in us and see the value we deliver.

Federal funding for public broadcasting represents less than 1/100th of one percent of the federal budget, yet PBS is watched by 82 percent of US households. This investment is critical to providing every American with free access to public media — a proven, trusted source of in-depth and informative journalism, award-winning educational children’s programming, and vital insights into culture, history and, of course, science.

With funding for public broadcasting eliminated in the current Federal Budget Blueprint, we would like to ask you to stand with Nature and join our efforts to restore funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Visit to learn more.

With your help, we’ll keep exploring the world around us in search of beauty, knowledge and understanding.

Fred Kaufman
Executive Producer, Nature


PBS is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.