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Additional Web and Print Resources

Web Sites:

Wyoming Game and Fish Department Web site
Update on Yellowstone grizzly bear’s population delisting process.

Windows Into Wonderland
Go on an electronic field trip to discover the grizzly bears of Yellowstone. Take a look at the bear’s habits and habitat, and then learn about the history and challenges of bear management.

The Grizzly Bear
This site provides facts and figures from the National Wildlife Federation. Select from an extensive list of articles about grizzly behavior and human and bear interactions.

Yellowstone: Bear Country!
This site offers a list of dos and don’ts from Yellowstone Park Travel Guide. Learn how to avoid running into grizzlies and find out what to do if you spot a bear.

Yellowstone’s Bears
Browse through reports on grizzly sightings and read articles on the bear’s seasonal food habits and hibernation behaviors.

Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee
Learn about the federal government’s grizzly bear conservation strategy.

NPR: Grizzly Bears to Come Off Endangered List
NPR covers the delisting issue.

Natural Resources Defense Council
Find out more about Louisa Willcox’s work to protect grizzly bears. For more on the delisting controversy, go to

The Endangered Species Program
Access the entire text of the Endangered Species Act, view the list of threatened and endangered species, and find out about recovery programs.

Bear Identification Test
Could you ID a grizzly in the wild? Take this test from Wyoming Game and Fish and find out.
Learn about other bear species such as the polar bear and the giant panda.

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NATURE: Showdown at Grizzly River
Visit a river teeming with salmon — and grizzlies! Then learn about bear cubs’ growing pains.


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