Justin Bieber’s Faith and Challenges

Seventeen-year-old pop superstar Justin Bieber this week released a new holiday CD called “Under the Mistletoe.” He also set a new YouTube record, becoming the first person to have two billion views on his music channel. He has more than 14 million followers on Twitter and more than 30 million on Facebook.

The release of the new CD came amid news of a paternity suit filed by a 20-year-old woman who claimed Bieber had fathered her three-month-old baby. Bieber’s lawyers said the allegations were “malicious, defamatory and demonstrably false.”

Bieber is an evangelical Christian who has been outspoken about his faith. Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly Managing Editor Kim Lawton talked about the role of faith in Bieber’s life with Cathleen Falsani, author of the new book, Belieber!: Fame, Faith and the Heart of Justin Bieber (Worthy, Sept. 2011).