Program Guidelines & Policies - The Red Book

Below please find several documents to prepare programs that have been accepted for broadcast by the PBS National Program Service and Plus Service.  These guidelines do not necessarily cover all of the requirements related to PBS Fundraising Programming. 

Policies and guidelines are subject to change. 

PBS Editorial and Production Guidelines

    Funding standards, practices, and guidelines for PBS broadcast programs. 

    The Red Book

    PLEASE NOTE: The Red Book is currently under revision.  Please speak with your programming contact for additional information.

      Packaging, deliverable, promotion, technical, and legal guidelines for PBS broadcast programs. 

      Producers who have submitted programs to PBS but have not yet received final approval should not initiate the packaging and delivery process.

      For more information about the Red Book, contact PBS Content Services at 703-739-5010.

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      PBS Guide for Flag Notification


      Guidelines for notifying PBS of objectionable content prior to delivery of a program.

      Technical Operating Specifications (TOS)

      All programs must meet the technical requirements set forth in PBS's Technical Operating Specifications (TOS) Manual (updated February 2016).

      Web Production Manual

      Manual for the development of websites for

      Photo Guidelines for producers

      Icon Photo Guidelines (6.3 MB)