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Curator's Note:

Welcome to the Rural Studio, Auburn University's instructional design program that teaches students the importance of community-based architecture.  The brainchild of Samuel 'Sambo' Mockbee, the studio inspires students to consider the impact of their architectural work.  The studio resides in Hale County, Alabama, one of the most impoverished communities in America.


Citizen Architect documents the late Mockbee's vision of inspiring students to use their architectural talents to positively impact the world.  Meet the students, teachers and community members that feel the impact of Mockbee's dream.  


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Sam Mockbee Sketching

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Sitting outside under the shed he used as a painting studio, Mockbee flips through his sketchbooks, showing off his drawings and pontificating on the power and beauty of the sketch. "The initial sketch is always an emotion and it should flow freely..."

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