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Curator's Note:

The Messages episode of Craft in America looks at ways craft artists go beyond skill to personal and political expression. They use craft to tell a story, prove a point, or bring attention to contemporary issues. Often the work is provocative.


Wisconsin glass artist Beth Lipman, New Mexico santero Charles M. Carrillo, Baltimore bead artist Joyce J. Scott, and New Orleans jewelry artist & sculptor Thomas Mann are featured in the Messages episode. This collection includes bonus clips of these artists and their work, as well as stories from curators and related artists.


--- Carol Sauvion, Executive Producer,

Craft in America


For more information visit the Messages Episode page, view the Craft in America website, or check local television listings.

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Exhibition Playlist

Kohler Arts Residency

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Kohler’s Arts/Industry Residency program is a unique collaboration. Since 1974, hundreds of emerging and established visual artists have benefited from the program. Artists work with industrial materials and equipment and are exposed to a body of technical knowledge that lets them explore forms and concepts not possible in their own studios as well as new ways of thinking and working.

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