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Curator's Note:

What is the moment that allows you to break free of your repetitive patterns? That question inspires a grueling two-year quest by an award-winning international dance-theatre-media company to create its next great work.


In loopdiver: The Journey of a Dance, filmmakers go behind-the-scenes to follow the members of Troika Ranch as they cope with the extreme physical and emotional demands of creating an experimental new work.


This collection shares insights from the artists behind loopdiver and excerpts from the performance of the work. Ultimately, the collection highlights the intimate creative journey explored in loopdiver: The Journey of a Dance.


You can also visit the loopdiver: The Journey of a Dance Program Page.

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loopdiver: The Journey of a Dance (full length)

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Go behind the scenes as an award-winning international dance company struggles with extreme emotional and physical demands to create an experimental new dance work.

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