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Curator's Note:

In a part of America that rarely makes headlines, there is a small town with a group of teenagers who will captivate your ears and warm your heart.


Mariachi High presents a year in the life of the champion mariachi ensemble at Zapata High School on the Rio Grande in South Texas. As they compete and perform with musical virtuosity, these teens and the music they make will inspire, surprise, and

bring you to your feet. High school

never sounded so good.


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Coming of Age the Mexican-American Way

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For most girls in Zapata, Texas, turning 15 doesn’t just mean blowing out the candles. Belen Padilla, mariachi vocalist, daughter of the mariachi director, and master of hip movement, celebrates her quinceanera in high style, complete with a Catholic mass, 3 dress changes, and a specially choreographed dance.

This clip is a web-exclusive deleted scene from the documentary film MARIACHI HIGH by Kim Connell, Ilana Trachtman and Kelly Sheehan / © Rubylake LLC.

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