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Explore those cities represented in the Fall Arts Festival with mini-documentaries from across the country. From Seattle to Miami, the Blue Ridge Mountains to Los Angeles, the United States brims with of arts and culture. In Miami, Haitian and Cuban artists lay down roots in neighborhoods through arts centers. San Francisco's quirky, rebellious arts scenes defines the larger renegade spirit of the area. Chicago's skyline itself is a work of art, designed by a roster of iconic architects. The beautiful and the bizarre, classical and contemporary, we celebrate the arts across America.

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What Makes Seattle's Music Scene So Unique?

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Pearl Jam. Nirvana. Soundgarden. Alice in Chains. In the 1990s, Seattle crashed the music party on a wave called grunge. What's it like to make music in the Emerald City 20 years after Pearl Jam’s seminal album, Ten? PBS member station KCTS 9 looks at the camaraderie and creativity that make Seattle a wellspring for groundbreaking musical talent. See and hear the local scene through the DJs, independent label reps and musicians who are taking the city in new directions, and find out why, despite the lure of Seattle's legendary past success, it’s more important to make it here than to make it big. Produced by KCTS.

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