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From the creators of the PBS television series SOUND TRACKS, Quick Hits is a web-original series that features intimate interviews and performances with some of today's leading musicians.


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Exhibition Playlist

Levon Helm Performs The Weight

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I pulled into Nazareth was feelin' about half past dead

Just need to find a place where I can lay my head

It's one of the most famous opening lines to any rock song of the past fifty years, and it was sung originally by drummer Levon Helm in a clear, strong tenor voice with an unmistakable Arkansas twang. Since it’s release in 1968, "The Weight" has become an essential part of the American songbook.

This version - filmed for Quick Hits at a February 4, 2012 'midnight ramble' concert in Levon's Woodstock, N.Y. barn is 'The Weight' at its most communal. A song in which everyone shares the burden and the joy.

Levon's spirit hovers over the whole song but he turns over the opening vocals to Woody Platt, a smooth, handsome country singer from North Carolina, whose group, the Steep Canyon Rangers, shares the stage with the Levon Helm Band. Larry Campbell, a Jackson Browne look-alike who leads Levon's outfit, joins in, followed by Brian Mitchell singing about 'crazy Chester' (Rick Danko's role in the original). Teresa Williams (Campbell's wife) and Amy Helm (Levon's daughter) deliver some heartfelt harmonies.

Look closely and you'll spot Donal Fagen of Steely Dan on piano.

Written by Robbie Robertson, "The Weight" is a masterpiece of Biblical allusions, enigmatic lines and iconic characters. But the heart of the song has always been Levon Helm, who emerged from the southern cotton fields to play with Bob Dylan and become the only American in a group that re-introduced America to its musical roots.

Levon Helm's website

Midnight Ramble band members

Steep Canyon Rangers


Performing "The Weight" at the Midnight Ramble, Feb. 4, 2012

Woody Platt - Guitar, Vocals

Graham Sharp - Vocals

Mike Guggino - Mandolin, Vocals

Nicky Sanders - Violin

Charles R. Humphrey - Vocals, Bass

Levon Helm - Drums, Mandolin, Vocals

Larry Campbell - Guitar, fiddle, mandolin, Vocals

Clark Gayton - Trombone

Jay Collins - Sax

Steven Bernstein - Trumpet

Erik Lawrence - Sax

Howard Johnson - Tuba, Baritone Sax

Brian Mitchell - Keyboards, Piano, B-3, Accordion, Harmonica, Vocals

Amy Helm - Mandolin, Vocals

Teresa Williams - Guitar, Vocals

Jim Weider - Guitar, Vocals

Byron Isaacs - Bass, Vocals

Randy Ciarlante - Drums, Vocals

Donald Fagen - Keyboard, Vocals

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