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Srebrenica: The Video of a Wartime Atrocity

Watch Video

Length: 6:00

Serbian Soldiers in Field

WARNING: The following video contains explicit images of violence.

In Serbia, many felt it was a nightmare best forgotten. Some pretended it never happened. But the sudden appearance of a horrifying long-suppressed videotape has made it impossible to ignore.

"It was important to react immediately on the basis of this video, which was shocking and terrible for all of us." So said Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica June 2, 2005, as he announced the arrest of several soldiers who appear in a graphic video broadcast last May on television in Serbia.

It is a tape that has finally forced a reluctant Serbian government in Belgrade to confront wartime atrocities, including the 1995 Srebrenica massacre, in which Serb soldiers killed more than 7,000 Bosnian Muslim men and boys. The video captures a uniformed Serbian paramilitary unit executing six civilian men. It is now evidence at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia in The Hague, which provided a copy to FRONTLINE/World.

We also obtained the video from journalists in Serbia who wanted us to show it to a wider audience, especially in the U.S. We do so now, after careful consideration. Normally, we would not broadcast or post on our Web site video of brutal slayings. But in this case, when a video has become evidence of a notorious war crime and is having a major political impact, we decided it was important to show it as an example of what happened during one of the darkest episodes in Europe since World War II.

The full videotape is said to be two hours long. We have received a 28-minute version and we have decided to post only a fraction of that -- enough to convey the essence of what took place without dwelling on the gruesome details.

The videotape begins with an Orthodox priest blessing members of a Serbian military unit, which has since been identified as the Scorpions, a group directed by Serbia's Ministry of the Interior. The date on the videotape is June 25, 1995. The video then cuts to an extended section (there is no audio) in which a group of these red-bereted troops force six men in civilian clothing, their hands bound, out of an army truck onto a country road, where they are made to lie face down. When other soldiers arrive, they march the six men into a grassy area off the road where they execute four of them, shooting them in the back. At gunpoint, the soldiers force the two remaining men to drag the bodies off to a nearby white shack. Later, the two men are made to lie down on the floor of the building where they are also shot.

According to the Observer newspaper in London and other sources, the murders took place east of Sarajevo. The cameraman was a Serbian known by his nickname, Bugar. Soon after, someone made 20 copies of the tape to give to members of the Scorpions. The commander of the unit, Slobodan Medic, ordered the tapes destroyed, but one copy survived and was hidden outside Serbia for years. Then in a trial of Scorpions in 2003, where they were accused of killing 19 ethnic Albanian civilians, one mentioned the existence of the videotape. Natasha Kandic, who heads Belgrade's Humanitarian Law Center, managed to track down the man with the tape. Kandic released it to Serbian prosecutors, The Hague tribunal, and Serb TV.

Among those immediately arrested was Scorpion commander Slobodan Medic.

Now, Kandic says, Serbia must arrest General Ratko Mladic, the Serb military commander wanted on charges of genocide for the Srebrenica massacre.


There is not much that can be said about this video. The video itself says it all. People and nations who deny genocide are sick people. We see it all the time. It does not matter if the person is Muslim, Christian or Jew, genocide is genocide. Iranian President is a sick man because he denies the Holocaust. So are these Serbs who deny this Genocide. Who started the war does not matter now, but it does matter to recognize who performed massive killings. Until these people, clear their minds from Milosevic's sick ideas, they will never see the reality and know the meaning of the word "truth". Almost all of these posts that start with "I'm a Serb......" have the same exact ending. Serbs were killed, Serbs were killed.....bla, bla, bla. This is pathetic. Just imagine Germans saying "Jews were also killing Germans". No, I am not Muslim. I am a Christian who understands what the word "truth" means.

J Frankovich - Tampa, FL
Having parents and all of my family from the former-Yugoslavia, it is extremely painful to know that there is such deep divides among them that would lead to such atrocious crimes.My father is half Croatian, half Bosnian Muslim; lots of his family and friends were generals, soldiers and even politicians to this day. My mother is a Bosnian-Serb with close family members within Milosevic's administration. Of course they divorced a long time ago; still, the two sides of my family want nothing to do with the other. I heard my very own grandfather say that he wanted to cut my mother's head off. I've heard the horrible things done to both sides. No one is safe during war; no one. Snipers in Sarajevo killed randomly, one hit my Bosnian-Serb cousin in the chest (she survived), and nevertheless the sniper was probably Serb. Bosniaks killed Serbs with equal viciousness. Ever heard of the Mujahadeen or Holy Warriors? Pictures of them can be found on the internet of Muslim soldiers with the heads of recently decapitated Serbs, including children. Two of my first cousins on my mother's side were executed by Muslims, but almost the same can be said for those Muslims on my father's side. Serbs are just as guilty as Muslims and Croats (what about the Ustase in Croatia during WWII who slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Serbs).I have lost family members, and I have seen the ravages of what war can do to family, old friends and on the individual it self. All this video has shown me is a world run by fanatics in every state, every city and every nation. It shows me what the leaders of a country or group can persuade and push their followers to do. This can happen here in America, this can happen in Canada and this is happening now in Iraq. Freedom or not, majority or not, the people in any land are subject to the radical beliefs of their leaders and thus are subject to the eventual entrenchment into their leaders' beliefs. Some of the comments I have read here show nothing but disdain for Serbs and war, and that people need to see the acts committed in the Bosnian War. Anyone can say that. It is an entirely different thing to look at the root of the problem, the society and psyche of a society as a whole rather than just examining isolated wars and battles such as Bosnia. Every war I have seen, every holocaust and massacre were perpetuated and were in fact started with a small group of extremists. All those extremists have to do in order to achieve some or all of their ends are to persuade enough of those sitting on the fence, as it were. Those on the fence can then become the puppets of the extremists, bending and doing their will. Chanting in the streets, marching, joining the military and ultimately killing for them. It's not the entire culture that hates the other side; it's just those who get a little power and exploit it, converting those that are easily swayed and causing havoc. The Nazis did it, Stalin did it, Saddam did it, Kim Jong Il did it, Milosevic did it and some would argue that a few presidents of the United States have done it. Each of these leaders has persuaded enough of the masses to commit any type of acts on their behalf.So, I hope those who watch this video or any like it from whatever conflict, where ever on the globe; I hope they watch this and realize that it's not an isolated event and no party is innocent. All are capable of those acts seen on the screen. Some even stated it in here (someone wants to shoot Mladic right away). There is nothing but sheer violence to come from that. He's a terrible person yes and he ordered thousands to die, but anyone who advocates for his execution has stepped down to the same horrible depths he stepped into. Anyway, no war is just, no execution is right and no conflict ever brought any smiles to anyone's faces. All I ask is that everyone prevent it from happening in their country; never blindly follow a party, group or leader. You have to raise your voice, question those with rigid beliefs and if you must, openly oppose it. If you don't and idly walk by and ignore it, then I'm afraid to say that you have joined their ranks.

First Of all this war is religious based and goes back to WW2 . The Problem we face today is that people from all walks of life do not know how to move on . They teach hatred to their children and this is why things like this happen. You can not blame "Serbs" Or "Bosnians" Or "Croats". The people that lived this did not want to partake in it. The ones that enjoyed it were taught hatred of others. The Serbs need to move on from WW2 and the Croats helping Hitler. Now this or you will have this happen all over again. The problems we have in the world are all religious based .

huso - carlisle, pa
I am a Bosnian Muslim or a bosniak. I was 2 years old when the war happened, you would think that i didn't remember anything from the war but while i was in the refugee camp i remember everything. I do hate serbs for what they did and the hatred will never go out of me. I lost 3 uncles and a father and i will never forget or forgive what happened in my city of srebrenica.BiH forever.

Almira - Chicago, IL
How can you honestly say this is a war? This is ethnic cleansing, which is just a polite and cautious way of saying genocide. The whole point was the Serbs killilng off and destroying Bosnian people and their communities. The disgusting thing is that you cannot acknowledge and apologize for the atrocities that have been commited in your name, in the name of a "Greater Serbia."

crni andjeo - brcko, BIH
Most of this wasn`t like they said.

It is very sad that even when Bosnians, Serbs and Croats left their homes to find safe harbour in accepting countries like Australia, that when they arrived they still could not learn to get along. In Australia, Serbians and Croations cannot even play sporting events without keeping the crowd separated so that they do not fight with each other. Remembering these images only revives the hatred that these people have. I don't think that it should be swept under the carpet, but there is a time and a place to air these videos, and that is the Hague, or in the War Crimes courts in the former Yugoslavia. Frontline might try and hide behind the "Just want to let people know what happened" idea, but all you are doing is inflaming hatred in people one more time. Read some of the responses here. What good do you think you are doing? Journalists are some of the lowest forms of life in my humble opinion.

Terry Moore - Oshkosh, Wiscon sin
Outrage! All who participated in this crime should be imprisoned.

Cardiff, Mid Glam
All of the above Testify of the importance for people to think for themselves. People who are in prominent positions need to understand the power of their thoughts and words and how this may influence others. Obviously the lessons of History have not been learned.

FRONTLINE/World Editors - Berkeley, CA
Radovan Karadzic, the alleged mastermind of the 1995 massacre of some 8,000 Bosnian Muslims in Srebrenica, has been arrested in a July 21, 2008 raid, after 13 years on the run.Karadzic now faces extradition to the Hague where he has been indicted for war crimes, including authorizing the shooting of civilians during the brutal siege of Sarajevo.His accomplice, Bosnian Serb military commander Ratko Mladic, remains at large. But pressure is building for his capture.

This is what happens when there is war. Look at the young men in Iraq. Many just love killing, it gives them a thrill of power.

Innocent people killed, this is what happens in war. All responsible, whether soldiers on the frontline or dressed in suits giving orders, will be held responsible. Infinite justice will be given on the Day of Judgement. Hell awaits the wicked.

The only reason why the Serbs killed mostly unarmed Muslims in mass is simply because they knew that the Turks are currently too weak to do anything to help the Bosnians.

We must look to what precipitated these atrocities. Dig back to the past. What have we been taught as Muslims, Christians, Hindus, etc. It is dividing us all. Only MY GOD is right..every one else is wrong! Do not rely upon videos or written words to sway us one way or the other. What happened in this video is not right nor deserving nor the whole story. Where did this and other atrocities that happened during this "BLIP" in history come from. It was pent up hate due to our inaccurate and incorrect teachings. History is written by those who own the printing presses, those who have the power given to them freely by us, those who stand to gain monetarily NOT spiritually, and not by the truth. Surf the web and you will find similar atrocities committed through-out our world by every religious denomination. Where is the love? Those who have the ability to post their views to spew their hate do. It suffers us all. Neither the Muslims nor the Christians deserve praise, hate nor sympathy due to this video. They deserve leaders who put them on the path to oneness with our human bretheren. Innocents lives were taken on both sides of this power hungry, "self" imposed massacre because we listen and do not think nor feel. Power corrupts dividing us all. We ALL must take a stand and come to realize we are all brothers and sisters of this world. What we do to each other is what is done to us. All the great teachers have told us time and time your brothers! We as a the human race are one! To divide us based upon belief, faith and devotion to a being we do not fully understand creates chaos. We must come to understand that we are one. There are many paths to our "GOD" whichever one you choose...but only one way to peace, love and harmony..ONENESS. Treat all humans who walk upon the face of the earth as your family. We are family! We are not heathens, infidadels, or any other ignorant words we wish to heap upon each other. Again, what was shown in the video is a small part! of what
happened and it was WRONG! Look inside yourself and you will find what is right and what is wrong. Time for us to make decisions based upon our inner feelings not what some self imposed preachers, imans, gods or teachers tell us. We know what is right and what is wrong. Take a stand. Do what is right. Love one and another not based upon your beliefs, but based upon we are all ONE! Can this posting make it past the hate! Only I will tell if it does not! Peace, Love and Happiness to ALL!

Even though the ICJ has found that the army of the so called Repubika srpska (republic of the serbs - half of Bosnia under Serb occupation) and other instituions of that ethnically pure entity in Bosnia are guilty of Genocide the West still allows for this entity to exist. It is clear to anyone with a bit of brain that they used Genocide to achieve a political goal - which they did. What would Europe be like today if Germany was allowed to keep say Poland and some other territory they cleansed? Serbs were awarded with half of Bosnia for their GENOCIDE.

yogyakarta, indonesia
I've heard about "Srebrenica massacre" before, but I did not understand about it until I saw this video.

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
For more information, watch our video, "Bosnia: The Men Who Got Away," which we broadcast in March 2006. The streaming video is available on our Web site.

I served in Kosovo with NATO. We unearthed several mass graves. I seen first hand the horror of war!

This video says what really had happened in Bosnia and about the Serbian massacres which they still deny. Because we are Muslims, nobody cares.

I'm writing my dissertation on ethnic cleansing in Bosnia and am wondering if there is anyone who lived through this war who would be willing to speak with me. All names are changed. Thanks

I have spent a lot of time in former yugoslavia - dozens of trips for almost two years - mostly in croatia and serbia. I have friends in both places. and every time I visit I try and understand more what happend. Yet, it is so strange to me - everyone is guilty (and may privately admit this) but no one person or side stands up takes responsibility. It is always the other person's shame and problem. Excuses abound. This is the true shame of the war. Part of me can empathize and understand when its your brother, friend or cousin who was shot by a sniper or was raped -- you dont want to admit your part but focus 100% on the blame of others. I can see this.
Though I think healing will happen but the first person/side/nation to apologize and recognize their role in this war - a war of snipers, burning villages, rapes and attacks on plained clothed citizens. This is not a proud war of heroes and patriots and the true heroes and patriots of their nations will stand up admit mistakes, and begin the true peace process. I pray this will happen once the healing begins.... over time, I hope

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
Perhaps things are starting to change. A war crimes court in Belgrade has now (April 2007) convicted four Serb soliders from the "Scorpion" paramilitary force for executing the Muslim men shown in this notorious video.

i sat in heartbroken disbelief watching what happened in Srebrenica and hope once those involved with this inhumane disgusting treatment of not only young boys and men but other human beings,i hope they do not recieve the human rights they hypocritically will demand as sometimes what goes around should come around.

Montreal, Canada
I watched a little bit of the tape and I had to stop because it was too emotional to watch. I am an Albanian Kosovar and I myself have seen what War is about and what Serbs are capable of doing. When you talk of someone that is free of feeling than you are talking about Serbians. I keep hearing and reading on how Serbs were victims in all the wars - Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, and Kosovo. Give me a break.

janatha prabhanjan - hyderabad, andrapradesh

Really it is good u doin a nice job keep it up

Ajla - Chicago, Illinois
It breaks my heart to see what Bosnian Serbs did to my people and I hate how Bosnian Serbs to this day still believe that it is okay. Of course some Bosnian Serbs were killed too, but nothing in comparison to Bosnian Muslims. It's just so sad that people kill other people just for religion. I don't hate all Bosnian Serbs or Serbs but I do hate that some think this is ok and praise the massacre in Srebrenica. It just breaks my heart.

GR Towinship, US
I lived in Bosnia during the war. I witnessed ethnic cleansing by Serbians and Bosnian Serbs first hand. Serbian Army in Bosnia committed numerous atrocities. While Serbs on this web site deny any Serbian wrong-doing in Bosnia, the rape of Muslim women and the killing of 200,000 Bosnian civilians in Bosnia did occur. This documentary is extremely well done. Thank you for not letting the world forget what happened in Bosnia. History cannot be rewritten by revisionists and those supporting Serbian atrocities in Bosnia.

Hamburg, Germany
I am one of the so-called "internationals" living and serving in/to BiH. I learned the language, was traveling a lot in this country due to my job and might know it much better than my own one. I have friends from all three nationalities, and celebrate Christmas with my Serb and Catholic friends and Bajram with my Muslim friends. During my trips, I have personally seen and visited many mass-graves and exhumation fields in BiH. These are places that are just terrible and I hope you will never have to see one of them. I have also personally seen the storage rooms for skeletons in Tuzla (around 3000 remaining of bodies) and Visoko (a few hundred bodies). There, scientists are struggling to identify the persons with different methods (mostly DNS). However, the most horrible thing for me was the family members, waiting outside the exhumation room to get the result by the doctor; these poor people who were waiting for years and years to get finally the confirmation that their most beloved have been killed, when and where - or, they could not been there still a hope after so many years? The suffering they were/are going through will never be prosecuted by any court in the world.I have to underline that the people I have seen in the mass graves were dressed in civilian clothes, not uniforms. That means they were killed as civilians and this is a WAR CRIME that has to be prosecuted. As a foreigner, I do not have the right to say who is guilty for these wars - everybody has his own story. However, if one speaks that the guilt is collective, one has to be very careful before giving a judgment. Terrible crimes were committed from all sides and should be also prosecuted on all sides. It is even terrible to write about these tragic issues, but some of the writers before gave such stupid comments, that I have no other chance than to react. The SCALE of committed crimes has to be looked into. How many civilians have been murdered and from which ethnic group are they? I have seen personally many mass graves on today's territory of the Republika Srpska and MUCH less number of mass graves on today's territory of the Federation. I have to inform you that in Republika Srpska, the team from the Federation is searching and in the Federation, the Serb-team is searching for mass graves. Hence, either the Serb team was/is not looking hard enough, or there are more graves with murdered Bosniak civilians existing.

As a correspondent, I was witness to much of the aftermath of these events. In Sarajevo, I was witness to it going on via artillery and snipers. This was the first time I saw it being carried out as it was in thousands of cases, in the anonymity of the woods. Note the swagger of the "paramilitary" and the pathetic shuffle of the victim, who we were told it was part of an Islamic army bent on exterminating the Serbian people. Yea, right. Saddened all over again, all these years later. Bosnia will never go away for those of us who saw it first hand. It has been burned into our consciousness in a way that can never be exorcised.I must say something about the Serbian kid who came forward with this all these years later. That took supreme, almost suicidal courage. I think as the guilt of what happened continues its acid etch on the soul, we will see and hear more of this. It is a caustic thing, something that must be lanced and allowed to drain.

I think that the world should punish Serbia very hard; they are not people, they are animals. We don't need terrorists like Serbs; the world doesn't need war hungry people.

- san francisco, ca
This is extremely difficult to watch, but I appreciate your refusal to let the world forget the massacre at Srebrenica. At last a trial has begun at the Hague, but there will be no justice until the instigators of the genocide are arrested: Karadzic and Mladic.

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
To get a broader perspective and an update on this story, we recommend that all visitors to this site view our March 28, 2006 FRONTLINE/World broadcast story, "The Men Who Got Away," about Karadzic and Mladic and the Srebrenica massacre.

i am a serb from bosnia, i have served in the war for the serbs and i have seen what has been giog on, yes serbs did do awful things, but so did the bosnians, both sides are to blame not just the serbs, it is war, when you go to war you dont go to hug people you go to kill them, this was war, this is what happened, and it cant be changed, there is no such thing as war crimes, war is for killing not making love. thank you.

i have lived through the war in bosnia and i have seen what many have not, you blame the serbs for there so called " war crimes" but you have not even had a glimpse of what the bosnians did to the serbian people, please stop this rediculas behaiviour and stop complaining about what we did to your people when you did the same if not, worse. i am a SERB and i am proud of my country and i solute to ratko mladic and milosevic they are TRUE heros and should be praised for what they did, you started the war we finished it, hopefully you lern from this not to start wars you cant finish.

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
We are no longer going to post inflammatory e-mails like this one on this site. This should not become a forum to revive the hatreds of the Bosnian wars. We regret to say that we have received far too many hate-filled messages. It is disturbing and depressing.

I had met some Bosnian refugees at my local Hospital. I got to know some of them and have become friends now, the excecution shown in this video clip seems to be nothing compared to other perverse and barbaric atrocities carried out by the Serbs!

The people in the West do not want to see these kind of images. Around 500,000 Serbs reside in the US and the US goverment closed its eyes when these war crimes occurred, the same way as they close them when Israel is bombing and killing civilian people in Lebanon. What happend in Srebrenica is truly a crime to humanity and someone should have reacted to it!

I am a Bosnian refugee and what happened in the former Yugoslavia, words cannot describe, but I do not blame the Serbians, nor the United Nations. Instead I blame human nature. Genocide has been occurring since 1915 and it is occurring today with Rwanda and Sudan, yet we just stand by and watch. We watched through the Holocaust and we watched through the atrocity that occurred in the Balkans. It seems to me that we haven't learned from the mistakes of our past, which is why we are repeating them. The only thing that hurts me so is that what occurred in Bosnia, the second largest genocide in the world, is not known. Most people can't even point out Bosnia on the map. The reason I left this comment is because I am doing a research paper on Bosnia and I will be using this article for one of my sources.

How could the world allow this to happen in the 20th century in the heart of Europe? God Bless the victims of these horrific crimes that the Serbs committed. I was in Bosnia during the whole war; it's the country where I am from. I am disturbed by the above comments that ask, "What about the Serbs?" Are you kidding me? You came into Bosnia to take over - and your way of doing it is by cleaning out the Bosnian-Muslim population. You killed over 200,000 people. How dare you ask what about the Serbs? What about them? NOTHING, THEY ARE CRIMINALS! GET EDUCATED!

Semir Kuc - Trelleborg, Sweden
The Dutch Soldiers just let this happen to the people. Mladic if I saw him with my own eyes, I'd shout at him instantly. I don't hate the Serbian people; I hate all Chetniks because they are killing children and women. They are not worth a penny.

Serbs think that they won't be punished for war crimes.But they are making a mistake.There is a God. His punishment for Serbs will be big...They are so cruel.They treated Bosnian muslims like animals. God sees everything. He is our judge.

If it was Americans or Britons massacred and killed in Srebrenica then polticians would definitely find the people responsible. But because it was Bosnian Muslims, the world is doing nothing....well not enough! JUSTICE NEEDS TO BE DONE! MLADIC NEEDS TO BE CAUGHT!

What happened in Bosnia was terrible and disturbing. We should never forget it. I was a war baby, born in 1992, and however young I may be , I still have views. That war ruined so many people and its scars will always be here. I live in the UK now,and go to Bosnia every year. I love my country, and justice needs to be done for Srebrenica! Mladic is somewhere, and so many people know where. It's just a question of when to catch him!

What an insult to say that Bosnians have no nationality. Bosnian Muslims have been in Bosnia since the beginning of time. We let the Serbs on our land because we are nice people, and they try to take over all the time with no success. Just like many nations before the Serbs attempted to triumph and failed. They should be ashamed and embarrassed.


Dragan nijebitno - Chicago, IL
There is more killed Serbians in Srebrenica then muslims( Bosnians are Serbs too). Muslims from Bosnia dont have nationality, they can be only turks or Serbians) Conclusion no more lies, Serbs was victims in that war. Croats are even worse.... long story.

I do admit this is horrible but things like this happen in happened in Nazi Germany and it will continue to happen. What makes me mad is the misrepresentation of Serbs in the worldwide media. I was born in Bosnia but I am a Serb. How come no one tells of my struggles when my whole family and town were put in a camp? No one hears about it, you know why? Because we are Serbs and all people know about Bosnia is the "poor Muslims".

(anonymous) - Berlin, Germany
I don't understand the Serb people; they say that they have also been killed, but who began the war? And who was convinced to protect its country? They all know, but they are too proud of their racism to say the truth. They all know the truth, and God knows it, too. They will see.

It is true that this was a vile and despicable act; however, all sides involved in this conflict acted with equally distressing and barbaric tactics. In this war, only the devil was the victor, and all sides served him well.


(anonymous) - Los Angeles, CA
I lived in a civil war during early the `90s and I know what it's like to live without food water and electricity, but I never imagined what it was like for the people in Srebrenica until I saw the video. I am disgusted and stunned that evil people like those individual Serbs really exist and I hope that every one of them dies very soon just like their president Milosevic did. Now don't get me wrong; I am Croatian and personally I don't think that all Serbs are bad, but the ones that committed war crimes should be punished. Let's never forget Srebrenica.


(anonymous) - Phoenix, AZ
I was born and raised in Bosnia, and it is very interesting how over the past 11 years Serbs are trying to play the card of innocent. Serbs had a huge goal, wanted it all, and started the war. Despite the lives that were taken away, they did not achieve what they wanted. They live amongst us all over the world today, and are probably making a plan on what to do in the next 50 years. It is really sad that some can call Mladic or Karadzic their heroes. It is sad that people like that even exist.

The most pathetic thing about the Serbs after their atrocities and murders against unarmed people, is to hear all the excuses and attempts to blame the Muslims. The "soldiers" who did these killings are among the lowest on this planet. How tough were these guys when the Croats and Muslims started to fight back in 1995?

houston, texas
I am from Bosnia and this last "anonymous" is an excellent example what Bosnians had to deal with. His hero commanded army to kill men, women, boys, girls and babies, everybody that had Muslim name. His hero tried to destroy culture of people by destroying everything they could. That is his Hero. His hero is now hiding probably in wholes as Sadam Hussein did. There will always be sick people out there. The problem is it costs lives.

I am sick of the world media just victimising the Bosnian Muslims and showing videos of Serbs killing the Bosnians. What about all the crimes and genocide the Bosnians commited against Serbs? No one seems to care about us and the horriffic events we had to go through. In my eyes RATKO MLADIC is a HERO to all the Serbs and will always be, so stop victimising the Bosnians and start to see both sides and see what they have commited against the Serbs.

Kip Reitz - Columbus, GA
I served with the US Army patrolling Srebrenica in 1999, four years after the July, 1995, atricities took place there. While there, I read David Rhode's 'Endgame' and became more aware of not just the events of that July, but the history of the region going back to around 1400 ce. The thing I came away with mostly is a feeling that, on the verge of the 21st century, humankind had yet to learn a single thing about the need to live alongside one another peacefully and put petty differences aside.I know of no other creature in the natural world that seems as hellbent on its own demise as the human race. And I don't think it will ever change.

I'm disgusted that Mladic has not yet being found, and there is not a day that goes by that I do not think about what happened in my country and the atrocities that went on. This is certainly just one case of MANY and these people deserve to be punished, the prime individuals like Mladic and Karadzic should have been caught. When the West wanted Saddam Hussain they GOT him. If they truly wanted to capture Mladic they could have done so by now. But then again if they wanted, they could have stopped all the killings.

Zelenaberetka Ubicetnike - Toronto, ON
I was in Bosnia in 1995 in Srebrenica and have witnessed these attrocities. Serbs were executing 8000 men the exact same way including women and children. This is the image that Serbia is showing. What was their goal? To eliminate all the Muslims from Bosnian territories?

Coudersport, PA
This abbreviated tape is chillingly horrific. It is truly hard to image the depths of the brutality within people and the circumstances under which it comes out. This tape is a reminder that we are indeed a world community with associated responsibilities. We must do a better job of making sure all of our political, religious, business leaders do the right things at the right times for the right reasons.

Unfortunatlely this is only a glimpse at the atrocities that took place in Bosnia. It's good that the video can be seen by many who don't understand what took place.

Julia Arnold - Lamoine, Maine
Although the video is horrendous, thank for you putting it out there. Not enough people in the West truly understand what happened in Bosnia during the war. I appreciate your making this huge discovery available.