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Mumbai: Is Pakistan to Blame?

FRONTLINE/World correspondent Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy talks over webcam from Karachi, where the Mumbai terrorists allegedly began their journey, about Pakistani reactions to the attacks and the blame being laid at their door.


Kishore Raju - Tucson, Arizona
Is Pakistan to blame ? Sharmeen tried to portray Pakistan as a hapless victim, May be there is some truth to that. But can Pakistani citizen deny that it was their Govt and their own army which trained LeT and JeM. You cant plant a poison seed and hope nothing bad will happen. Pakistan citizen have to realize they bear responsibility to this world and the people when their govt supports Terrorist groups and calls them Freedom fighters. If their Govt cant control its territory and Jihadi Groups freely operate and attack other countries and then hide within Pakistani soil then every country that is attacked by these jihadi's has the right to stike at them. Pakistani people are in denial as are Muslims around the world that nothing is wrong with them. They have to stand up and bear responsibility.They have to shut down every madrassa which preaches hate in the name of Islam, ban every organization that preaches hate and acts violent . They have to show to the world they are responsible citizens of the civilized world. Or else a day will come soon when people around say enough is enough and call it as it is "Pakistan is a Failed State" and take appropriate action.

David Isaac - Boston, Massachusetts
Thanks for these thoughtful interviews via cyberspace from Pakistan and India. Your sources speak plainly and yet eloquently about the impacts of the attacks on both countries, the heightened fears on both sides, and yet what really comes through is their shared desire to avoid escalation, to avoid war, and to work for peaceful resolutions to these grave, grave problems.