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This fall, FRONTLINE/World gathered a small panel of journalists and media representatives to discuss the challenges of covering conflict zones and repressive regimes. Watch highlights from the discussion and join the conversation online. READ MORE »

Afghanistan: Fight for the Korengal Valley
This raw, never-before-seen footage from Afghanistan offers an unflinching look at how tough the war has become on the ground and why it's a critical time for U.S. military strategy there. WATCH VIDEO & SHARE YOUR REACTION »

Pakistan: Children of the TalibanPakistan: Children of the Taliban
FRONTLINE/World correspondent Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy takes a dangerous journey through her native Pakistan to investigate a militant branch of the Taliban that is recruiting young boys and challenging government rule. MORE »

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Pakistan: Letter from KarachiLetter from Karachi
In this update, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy reflects on the worsening crisis in Pakistan from her home city in Karachi, which the militants now have in their sites. MORE »

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Pakistan: A Death in SwatPakistan: A Death in Swat
David Montero investigates the life and death of a journalist, and a friend. The Pakistani reporter told the inside story of the Taliban's rise in Swat Valley and the Army's failures in the region.
Pakistan: State of EmergencyPakistan: State of Emergency
A mysterious Taliban cleric has been waging a violent campaign against the Pakistani government in the mountainous former tourist haven of Swat Valley. David Montero reports from Swat and the capital Islamabad, where moderates are waging their own battle for democracy.READ MORE »
Pakistan: On a Razor's EdgeThe War Briefing
FRONTLINE offers a harrowing report from the mountain battlegrounds of Afghanistan, and militant safe havens deep inside the Pakistani tribal areas, probing some of the most urgent foreign policy challenges facing the U.S. presidency. READ MORE»

• Advice from policy makers, and analysis of the region
New Yorker writer, Steve Coll, on the Pakistan Taliban

Spotlight: Siemens -- Getting CaughtAfghanistan: The Other War
With a resurgent Taliban gaining ground across Afghanistan, FRONTLINE/World correspondent Sam Kiley reports from the front lines of the conflict, where dual battles are being fought to win the hearts and minds of the Afghan people and combat the extremists living among them. READ MORE»
Pakistan: On a Razor's EdgePakistan: On a Razor's Edge
In her first report for FRONTLINE/World from Pakistan, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy returns home amid rising tensions and clashes between the country’s President Pervez Musharraf, a key U.S. ally, and the increasingly powerful Islamic fundamentalists who oppose him. READ MORE»
Spotlight: Siemens -- Getting CaughtAfghanistan: Law & Order
Last summer, FRONTLINE/World reporter Nadene Ghouri traveled to Kabul to report on the efforts of one of the city's leading police units and its brash leader, General Ali Shah Paktiawal, otherwise known as the James Bond of Kabul. READ MORE»


Interview With Our Pakistan Correspondents
Correspondents Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy and David Montero discuss the latest developments in Pakistan and the difficulties and dangers in reporting from the center of the conflict.

Pakistan: Disappeared
When the husband of an ordinary Pakistan housewife disappeared one day in 2005, her tireless campaign to find him arouses a nation to act, challenging Pakistan's feared intelligence agency, the ISI, and leading to events that would eventually oust Musharraf from power. READ MORE »

Pakistan: Cold Comfort
Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy goes inside the makeshift hospitals and Islamic relief camps in Kashmir following the 2005 earthquake that left more than 80,000 people dead. Amid the already heated politics of the region, she finds a mix of medicine and religious ideology being dispensed. READ MORE »

Pakistan: This Is Your Wife!
Tabriz Ashgar is about to marry in Pakistan to a woman he barely knows, Follow his journey in this affectionate portrait of a young man caught between his parents' cultural expectations and his own sense of himself as a 21st century American. READ MORE »

Afghanistan: Weight of the World
In newly opened gyms in downtown Kabul, young men are rebuilding Afghanistan one muscle at a time. They are pumping iron and dreaming of Arnold Schwarzenegger. It is not what you expect to find in this unsettled and perilous place. READ MORE »

Afghanistan: Without Warlords
FRONTLINE/World Fellow Roya Aziz, an Afghan American, returns to her homeland to witness the run-up to Afghanistan's 2004 historic presidential elections. READ MORE »

Afghanistan: A House For Haji Baba
After covering the U.S. war in Afghanistan, NPR reporter Sarah Chayes decided to give up her job as a journalist and stay in Afghanistan to help rebuild the country. This 2003 story chronicles Chayes' bumpy transformation from objective journalist to impassioned aid worker. READ MORE »