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11/07/01 - Day 10

More filming from the deep

Rob White reports

Along with the laying of the plaque carrying the Roll of Honour commemorating 'Bismarck's dead went more extensive filming in the "debris field". Everywhere we looked, the wreckage of the great ship revealed more of her secrets.

The main mast

Evidence of the ferocity of the final battle was to be seen in the remains of one of her gun directors - lying on its roof. Clearly visible is a huge hole torn along inside the back of the director, probably by one of HMS 'Rodney's giant 16 inch shells.

Not far away was what appeared to be a radar antenna. But appearances can be very deceptive under these conditions. Our naval historian, Dr Eric Grove, concluded that the grille clearly visible on the wreckage was of the wrong size for radar. He's still trying to puzzle out what this is, checking through our collection of photographs and drawings.

Director Gary Johnstone

A part of a mast can be seen, with what looks like radio gear still attached.

Pictures like this don't just happen, though. Director Gary Johnstone guides the ROV as it glides through the cold silence four and a half thousand metres below, making sure that what we're filming captures the real-life drama of the 'Hood' - 'Bismarck' battle.

More picture of the Bismarck are available in the gallery section.

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