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ITN's Rob White reports on board Northern Horizon.

Rob White - reports from the ship

My name is Rob White. I'll be reporting from the ship, Northern Horizon, on every stage of this exciting expedition. Bookmark this page for the lastest news - direct from the sea.

I've been a television journalist for 20 years, first of all at the BBC but most recently at ITN and Channel 4 news. My interest in The Hood/Bismarck battle has deep roots - going back into my Father's life. As a young naval officer he very much wanted to be posted to HMS Hood - the most beautiful, the most powerful and the most popular warship of the 20s and 30s.

So, when David Mearns, our search director, told me he wanted to look for The Hood, I leapt at the chance to work with him. I had already produced a documentary on the ship itself (entitled "The Mighty Hood") but actually finding and filming it was a lifelong dream.

Six years later, and thanks to a huge and adventurous commitment by Channel 4 that spur of the moment idea is about to become reality. We're convinced there is much to be learned about why this giant warship sunk so quickly - with such devastating loss of life.

(Rob's book "Mighty Hood - Invincible Bismarck" will be available in the autumn, published by Channel 4 books).

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26/07/01 -
Finally - a service of remembrance

The Hood Photo Appeal

25/07/01 -
More big discoveries

23/07/01 -
She's found!

22/07/01 -
Keeping in position

21/07/01 -
Tracking the ocean floor

20/07/01 -
Sonar finds "promising target"

19/07/01 -
Combing the search box

18/07/01 -
Transfers and goodbyes

17/07/01 -
Meet the search team

16/07/01 -
Meet the survey team

15/07/01 -
Meet the experts

14/07/01 -
Meet the film crew

13/07/01 -
Farewell to the Bismarck

12/07/01 -
A service of remembrance

11/07/01 -
More filming from the deep

10/07/01 -
The Bismarck plaque is laid

09/07/01 -
The Bismarck is found!

07/07/01 -
Staying on track

06/07/01 -
The sonar is finally launched

05/07/01 -
More frustration for the team

04/07/01 -
Rough weather halts progress

03/07/01 -
Expedition to film the Bismarck

03/07/01 -
Holding a steady course

02/07/01 -
Northern Horizon leaves Cork

28/06/01 -
David Mearns in Webchat

27/06/01 -
ITN's Rob White reports from the ship