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14/07/01 - Day 13

Meet the Channel 4/ITN Factual crew.

Rob White reports

While the Northern Horizon sails north to the Hood's search area, Rob White looks at the team who make this expedition possible.

Kathy Taylor

In fact, cameraman Mike Robinson and director Gary Johnstone you've already met. It's not always easy to catch them though because they will keep going off filming!

In this case, at twenty to eleven at night - getting that last shot, capturing sunset over the Atlantic.

This is a multi-skilled operation - so Assistant Producer Kathy Taylor also films sequences, as well as carrying out a multitude of organizational jobs. Here she's carrying on one of the key tasks: logging and listing the dozens and dozens of tapes we've already used on this shoot.

Emily Roe

More camerawork for Kathy's fellow A.P, Emily Roe. Emily has strong naval connections in her family - her grandfather was Admiral of the Fleet Lord Lewin - so she jumped at the chance to work on 'Mighty Hood - Invincible Bismarck'.

She's also played a major part in setting the film up - finding key figures to interview, seeking out archive film and historical background, and helping plan the mammoth operation that's got us all out here.

Bob Newton

And finally - why is this man gazing soulfully into space? No, soundman Bob Newton isn't trying to get in touch with the karma of the ocean - he's recording "wildtracks": the sounds all around us, free of human voices. Like every experienced soundman he knows that however quiet it may seem, complete silence is very rare indeed - and we may need the background sounds he's recording here as part of the final sound mix. We certainly won't be able to come back and get 'em once we've left the ship!

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