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26/07/01 - Day 25

And finally - a service of remembrance

Rob White reports

Today we reached the end of a journey that started 6 years ago - when David Mearns and I first started work on the idea of going to look for 'the Mighty Hood'.

The plaque

It was made complete with the arrival on board of Ted Briggs, last of the three who survived the sinking of HMS 'Hood' - out of over 1400 men.

Somebody up there clearly likes him - and us - because after days of weather that would have made a ship-to-ship transfer impossible, the seas fell, the sun shone, and Ted was with us.

For him too it was the end of a journey - of 60, rather than 6 years. It had long been his wish to mark the place where so many of his shipmates and friends lie in the Denmark Strait.

Today that wish came true, as he pressed the button to release a bronze commemorative plaque close by the graceful bow of his old ship. Sealed in a clear pressure-resistant casing on the plaque is a special CD, containing the Roll of Honour of those who died.

The service of remembrance

A short service followed, with readings from Ted, David and myself, and the laying of a wreath on the waters where 'Hood' lies.

Gathered with us on the quarterdeck were the teams who've made this voyage possible - from 'Northern Horizon' herself, Blue Water Recoveries, Oceaneering Technologies, Thales Geosolutions, Channel 4 and ITN Factual.

We're on our way back to Cork now - so this diary ends. Look out for the hour-long documentary on the voyage, coming soon, and the two 90 minute specials near the end of the year on the full story of 'Hood' and 'Bismarck' - all on Channel 4.

Many thanks for staying with me, Rob White, and Tim Bichara of Channel 4 Interactive. It's been good having you on board the website with us!

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Finally - a service of remembrance

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