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12/07/01 - Day 11

A service of remembrance

Rob White reports

Just after 9.30 yesterday morning, we were gliding along the great trench cut in the sea bed as 'Bismarck' smashed into the ocean floor - and slid down the slope of the undersea volcano to where she now lies.

The great trench in the sea bed

Suddenly, out of the blue haze, appeared a great square shape - at a slight angle to us, looming up like a huge monument from the sea bed. It was the 'Bismarck'- her aircraft recognition swastika clearly visible as we rose over her stern.

Then followed a full day of filming. With Gary directing the ROV's moves, we systematically filmed the ship from end to end, combining three key requirements: televisual, historical and scientific.

Of particular interest to our two expert observers is the shell damage caused to the ship - like the hole blown in the thick steel seating of turret 'Dora'. (The German Navy called its 4 main gun turrets Anton, Bruno, Caesar and Dora, going from bow to stern.)

The service of remembrance

Though the huge main turrets tore out of her as she turned over when she sank, many of 'Bismarck's guns are still in place - along with some of her directors. But everywhere there are signs of the terrible destruction suffered on board as the Royal Navy peppered her with shells.

At the end of the day, we conducted a short and simple service in remembrance of those who died here. Dr Eric Grove read a lesson and a specially written prayer in German, which I repeated in English. Then Search Director David Mearns placed a wreath on the waters above 'Bismarck's last resting place.

More picture of the Bismarck are available in the gallery section.

Real video footage of the ship is available in the video clips section.

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