How to Search Your Family History


  • Excerpt from an Interview with Clark Burdine
    Burdine is an experienced genealogist June Cross used to try to find her father's ancestors in Virginia and North Carolina. Burdine is particularly knowledgeable about tracking African American family history. He believes finding black roots is not as hard as the popular press has made it seem.

  • On the Internet:

    Everton's Genealogical Helper
    Not only will you find good information on the hows and wheres of genealogy--not just using the Internet but searching in a specific community or hometown--but there is also here "African-American Genealogical Societies in the U.S." ( It lists societies devoted to the study of African American history.

    The RAND Genealogy Club
    This group of RAND employees share the hobby of tracing their family trees. They have assembled a first-class site which includes information on ethnic and regional genealogy.

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