April 4th, 2013
Mel Brooks
Film Comment: Robert Trachtenberg, 'Mel Brooks: Make A Noise' writer, director, producer and editor

Writer, director, producer and editor Robert Trachtenberg talks Mel Brooks: Make A Noise with AMERICAN MASTERS.

Mel Brooks: Make a Noise premieres nationally Monday, May 20 on PBS (check local listings)

  • Renee Trachtenberg

    How do you win tickets to the Mel Brooks: Make a Noise event at the 92nd Street Y? Renee Trachtenberg

  • Pat Carson

    This was a great show! I’m looking forward to sharing Mel with my TV students – he’s the greatest.

  • Bonnie Schiffman

    Bobby T,

    Way to go. That was the best ever. So proud of you and of course, Mel, XO BS

  • Michael Carrese

    Really enjoyed this – wonderfully done. Just a note about an element that I wish had been brought out more – the depth of his satirical voice. I was never a fan of Mel Brooks as a kid because I thought the humor was too low brow. But as I got older and developed an appreciation of political satire, I realized his boldness lay not just in his comedic choices. Underneath the hilarity, Blazing Saddles is an extraordinarily gutsy and effective commentary. In some ways it’s a foreshadowing of the Obama presidency – the great discomfort sadly felt by so many with a black guy in charge. There are many other examples but the topper for me is a line in Springtime for Hitler: “It ain’t no mystery, if it’s politics or history, the thing you gotta know is everything is show biz.” How true. If he had written nothing other than that song, he would be a notable figure.

    Anyway, this is not meant to be a criticism as much as an effort to give him the appreciation he deserves for this aspect of his art. Thank you for the artistry you brought to this film and to PBS for being such a great cultural force in our lives- mfc


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