Photo Gallery: Working Dog Breeds

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  • Karen

    I have to wonder why German Shepherds are not listed here under Working Dog Breeds – ? Everyone knows that Police K-9’s are usually always German Shepherds.

  • Chelsea

    German Shepherds are not listed because they are considered part of the Herding Dog breeds.

  • Karen

    Britannica Concise Encyclopedia: German shepherd

    German shepherd: Breed of working dog developed in Germany from traditional herding and farm dogs. A strongly built, long-bodied dog, it stands 23–25 in. (58–64 cm) high and weighs 75–95 lbs (34–43 kg). Its coat is of coarse, medium-long outer hair and shorter, dense inner hair and ranges from white or pale gray to black; often it is gray and black or black and tan.

    Noted for intelligence, alertness, and loyalty, it is used as a guide for the blind, as a watchdog, and in police and military work.

  • kiki

    i love dogs !

  • Cecilia

    There are so many other working dogs that go unmentioned, to name a few: Newfoundland (water rescue), Australian Shephard & Border Collie (sheep herding), Retrievers (guide dog, therapy, police dog…in addition to the German Shephard & Doberman), Hounds, Poodles & Terriers (hunting), and so many others….This photo gallery is just giving exmples. They are just a wonderful part of this planet and contribute to society and humans in so many different ways!! It’s up to us to heighten their instinctual skills and provide them with nutritional needs and lots ‘o love!

  • Roz

    I don’t care what you call them they are beautiful, talented and loyal and they love us back!

  • Kelley

    Whatever the breed, these dogs are amazing!!

  • Dezire

    my favorite breed of dog is the siberian huskey. they are adorable and loving. they care for everyone. !!Go husky!!

  • Jody

    My dog is a working dog of sorts. He is a gray curly terrier poodle mix with big brown eyes, who is always ‘working’ on making me spoil him. I love all dogs, but especially my dog. He will be 14 years old this month and he still acts like a puppy and loves squeaky toys and yam fries and field trips. I hope he lives many more years in health and happiness.
    Thank God for creating the dog – the most unique of all animals, who has chosen to cling to our human race; who desires to obey us and learn from us and to please us; and yes, in some peoples opinions, they even read our feelings. The working dogs who are trained to perform jobs seem to enjoy what they do.
    I wonder why we call the ‘canine’ a “dog”? Why did God make the dog relate to us so well? Why does dog spelled backwards spell God?

  • Edward Johnson

    I am supprised the Newfoundland Breed is not mentioned and all the human lives, that working breed have saved including Napoleon Bonaparte when he fell off a ship. The St. Bernard was not the rescue dog the breed would become before the monks bred it with The Newfoundland is one of the oldest breed of Mastifs in the world.

  • Bill

    My daughter in Colorado now has her second Newfoundland and what great companions. Here in Texas we have two Pembroke Welsh Corgis, who have trained my wife and me quite thoroughly. Dogs in the family can, and most often do, offer unconditional love and loyalty.

  • Gary Pelling

    Some of the best times in my life have been with my dogs. I have a Yellow lab, Charlie, who is the friendliest dog you could ever meet. Ginger is a Mastif and Labrador cross and is so beautiful. She also loves to be on the couch, with her head in your lap. All dogs are just great!

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