Equus Story of the Horse

What to Watch May

After starting this month with our live, multi-platform broadcast, American Spring LIVE, (now streaming) Nature continues to bring you the beauty of the natural world all month long. Here’s a look at all the shows we’re serving up for May…

Equus “Story of the Horse”

Episode 2: Chasing the Wind

Discover how humans have partnered with the horse throughout the centuries, creating more than 350 breeds found all around the world.

Equus “Story of the Horse”

How Seals Help Wild Horses

The wild horses of Sable Island thrive thanks to the influx of nutrients seals bring to their habitat when they come ashore to mate.

Equus “Story of the Horse”

These Arctic Horses Don’t Mind the Cold

Yakutian horses have evolved to be able to withstand extremely cold temperatures in the frigid Arctic. They’ve become smaller, with shorter legs, and have developed an ability to hibernate while standing.

Equus “Story of the Horse”

Episode 1: Origins

The relationship between man and his noble steed is almost as old as civilization itself, allowing our species to explore, conquer and flourish side by side with the horse. NATURE traces this revolutionizing partnership with anthropologist Niobe Thompson in this two-part series.

Equus “Story of the Horse”

All the Pretty Horses – 7 Breeds You Should Know

Our two-part series, Equus “Story of the Horse,” explores the origins of the modern day horse, as well as the ways this remarkable animal plays a vital role in our lives. With over 400 various breeds, the horse is one extremely diverse species – some have been bred for specific tasks, others for beauty, some even just for play! Allow us to break down just a few of these beautiful breeds…

Equus “Story of the Horse”

How Horses Read Our Expressions

Through a series of experiments led by animal psychologist Karen McComb, we can see how horses read, not only fellow horse expressions but human expressions as well. Through their consistent reactions to these tests, horses demonstrate an acute emotional awareness.

Equus “Story of the Horse”

Equus on Location

From Northern Siberia to the Arabian Desert, the filmmakers of Equus “Story of the Horse” traveled the globe to capture incredible footage of rare breeds. Go behind the scenes for a look at a few of these varied locations.

Equus “Story of the Horse”

The Wild Horses That Beat Extinction

The Przewalski horse went extinct in the wild but was reintroduced at the Seer Horse Reserve in Gobi Desert, Mongolia. These horses have managed to make an impressive comeback and their success is due in large part to the social structure of their herd.

Equus “Story of the Horse”

Jimmy and Maverick

Jimmy Anderson has developed a gentle and effective way for training horses that no longer reflects traditional “colt-breaking.” Preview his remarkable relationship with his horse Maverick.