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Heather Toner is a writer, blogger, content creator, website specialist and social media strategist with a soft spot for nature and the performing arts. She is the former digital producer for NATURE on PBS and resides in Brooklyn, NY.

Octopus: Making Contact

Octopus Legends and Urban Myths

Many people would agree that the octopus is one of the most fascinating and strange creatures on the planet. After all, it's a creature with more than half a billion years of evolution on an entirely different path than that of our own, yet is extremely intelligent and resourceful. So perhaps this is why, the octopus has long been the subject of mythical tales, and urban legends.

Summer Picnic
How to Notice Nature This Summer

It's officially summer and that means warmer days, vacations and outdoor adventures. It's also a perfect time to up your skills as a Citizen Scientist and use your extra time outside to observe and document nature. After all, there are so many fascinating plants and animals to discover and appreciate in pretty much all the places you're likely to find yourself over the next few months.

Spring Bird

American Spring LIVE: Episode 1 - Birth and Rebirth

Spring Birdsong Playlist

Have you ever noticed that birds seem to get louder and sing more during the spring season? Well, you're not imagining things. Birdsong is a key indicator of the spring season, as more migratory birds return to their homes to mate.

Sounds of Spring Spotify Playlist

American Spring LIVE: Episode 1 - Birth and Rebirth

Sounds of Spring – Our American Spring LIVE Playlist

In celebration of the season, and in anticipation of our upcoming live broadcast, American Spring LIVE, we've curated a playlist of songs that each gives a nod to spring, be it in subject matter or lyrics. From standards to folk songs to modern rock to funk to classical favorites, we've selected a wide variety of genres and artists to help you get into the spring spirit!

Love is All Around in Nature
Love is All Around in Nature

Love is all around in the natural world, and it deserves to be celebrated! Whether it's affection between mothers and babies, lifelong mates, or unlikely friends, many animals have a special way of showing their love and kinship (even if it isn't flowers and candy!) From everyone at NATURE, we wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!

All the Pretty Horses – 7 Breeds You Should Know

Equus "Story of the Horse" | Episode 1: Origins

All the Pretty Horses – 7 Breeds You Should Know

Our two-part series, Equus "Story of the Horse," explores the origins of the modern day horse, as well as the ways this remarkable animal plays a vital role in our lives. With over 400 various breeds, the horse is one extremely diverse species - some have been bred for specific tasks, others for beauty, some even just for play! Allow us to break down just a few of these beautiful breeds...

Celebrating 36 Years of NATURE
Celebrating 36 Years of NATURE

Today marks the 36th anniversary of NATURE's premiere on PBS, and as such, we wanted to take a little look back.

Above is a shot of NATURE executive producer and host George Page filming with the crew back in the early 1980s (You can see our current executive producer, Fred Kaufman, ...