When will a program be broadcast again?

Each PBS station decides how to program their schedule and when to rebroadcast Independent Lens programs.

Your best bet is to check your local listings for the Independent Lens schedule for your area. Listings are shown for the upcoming two weeks. If you don’t see the particular program—or any Independent Lens broadcast information, that means that your station will not be airing the series within the next two weeks. Please note that Independent Lens typically airs during the fall, winter, and spring months. During the summer, be sure to check out POV, our sister series for independent film and documentary on PBS.

We recommend that you contact your local station directly to let them know if you are interested in seeing an Independent Lens program rebroadcast, or to inquire about any future plans to show the program.

Where can I purchase a copy of an Independent Lens program?

Visit Our Films to find the film you are interested in purchasing. Click on the film title or image and it will take you to the film page. On each film page there is a “Buy at Shop-PBS” navigation link. Click on this link to get info on purchasing a videotape or DVD. Please note that not all films are available for purchase, as video distribution is at the discretion of the producer, and the costs for clearance rights are often too high for independent filmmakers’ budgets.

My station never carries Independent Lens at the time I see advertised, Mondays at 10 P.M. What’s the deal?

PBS is not a network (like NBC or HBO). Each local PBS station has autonomy over its schedule, and may air programs whenever it chooses. So while Independent Lens is on the PBS national schedule for Monday nights at 10 P.M., local stations make their own decisions about when to air Independent Lens programs. Feel free to contact your local station if you have any questions or comments about their scheduling of Independent Lens.

How can I find out if or when a program is airing on my public television station?

Sign up for the Independent Lens newsletter, which will arrive in your inbox weekly during the broadcast season (fall through spring). The newsletter will remind you about upcoming Independent Lens programs and update you about online exclusives available on our website. You might also want to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

How do I learn more about a film on Independent Lens?

To see what’s coming up this season or what has already aired, check the TV Schedule. For films from previous seasons, visit Our Films for a full list of programs organized by topic, or go the upper right corner of this site and use the search feature to type in the name of the film. Either choice will bring you just a click away from the PBS site for the film.

What happens with social issue programs beyond the Independent Lens broadcast?

Civic engagement is at the forefront of the Independent Lens community, extending impact by cultivating new audiences, advancing civic dialogue and transforming independent films into tools for education and action. Visit Indie Lens Pop-Up to find out more.

How can I submit my film to be considered for Independent Lens?

Independent Lens is an acquisition series and accepts only very advanced fine cuts and completed documentaries. For information on submitting a film to Independent Lens, read the submission guidelines.

I submitted a comment, yet I don’t see it posted. Why?

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