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About Nsikan

Nsikan Akpan is the digital science producer for PBS NewsHour and co-creator of the NewsHour digital series ScienceScope. ScienceScope, which won the 2016 AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Silver Award in the television spot news/feature reporting category, takes a deep dive into the process of scientific discovery, exploring the nitty gritty in short, digestible, music-filled video bites.

When he isn't taking rides to the ocean floor or watching the shapes of smells for ScienceScope, Nsikan writes and edits for the NewsHour website and works on social media projects such as science-based Facebook Lives and Snapchat and Instagram stories.

Nsikan was elected to the board of the National Association of Science Writers in September 2016. His two-year tenure will include helping to organize the 2017 World Conference of Science Journalists.

Prior to joining NewsHour, his work appeared in NPR, Science Magazine, Science News, Scientific American, Newsweek and elsewhere. He holds a doctorate in Pathobiology (Columbia University) and is an alum of the science communication program at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Nsikan's Recent Stories

Science Apr 30

NASA Probe Ends Mercury Mission With A Bang

The planet Mercury earned a new crater when NASA’s MESSENGER probe smashed into its scorched surface earlier this afternoon. The intentional crash landing ended an 11-year mission that brought us the most intimate peeks at our solar system’s smallest…

Science Apr 29

Why the Nepal earthquake may have been inevitable

On Saturday, a portion of the thrust fault underneath central Nepal ruptured, causing an earthquake that killed at least 5,200 people, injured more than 10,000 and destroyed centuries-old temples, towers and buildings.

Science Apr 15

Are some people wired to fall for placebos?

Some people are born believers. Fake surgeries have been shown to relieve traumatic knee pain; “dummy pills” have wiped away migraines. A new report from Harvard University describes how certain genes predispose people toward believing placebos, or experiencing…

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