Gunfire at a Fourth of July parade in Highland Park

Vice President Harris calls on Congress to ban assault weapons

In a speech to educators in Chicago on Tuesday, Vice President Harris decried the July 4 mass shooting in Highland Park, Illinois, and renewed the call for an assault weapons ban.

WATCH: Police search for a motive in Highland Park mass shooting

A seventh person died in the aftermath of the parade shooting, and the suspect, Robert E. Crimo III, has been charged with seven counts of first degree murder.

The local prosecutor has promised that dozens more charges would be sought.

“I don’t need to tell NEA (National Education Association) we need to end this horror,” Harris said at the NEA’s annual meeting. “We need to stop this violence.”

Harris pointed to the bipartisan gun safety legislation recently signed by President Joe Biden, but said the country needs to do more. And she called on Congress to act.

“Congress needs to have the courage to act and renew the assault weapons ban,” she said. Harris also called on Congress to repeal the liability shield that prevents gun manufacturers from being sued for damage caused by their products.

“So let’s talk about what an assault weapon is designed to do,” Harris said.

“An assault weapon is designed to kill a lot of human beings quickly. There is no reason that we have weapons of war on the streets of America,” she said.

The vice president added: “We need reasonable gun safety laws.”