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WATCH: ‘Fast is not good,’ Jonathan Turley says of Trump impeachment probe

A law professor and witness for the Republicans is explaining to lawmakers why he thinks impeaching President Donald Trump would be wrong.

Turley spoke during the first day of public hearings by the Judiciary Committee in the impeachment inquiry on Dec. 4. Watch in the video player above.

Jonathan Turley teaches at George Washington University and is one of four professors testifying Wednesday in the House impeachment inquiry.

Turley tells members of the House Judiciary Committee that he thinks the impeachment proceedings are being rushed for no reason. He says removing a president “takes time” and work and “is not an impulse buy item.”

Turley also says the evidence against Trump isn’t strong enough to meet the threshold of an impeachable offense. He says the president’s conduct doesn’t rise to any reasonable interpretation of crimes such as bribery.

The other three professors who testified Wednesday disagreed, saying the evidence was there for impeachment.

The impeachment inquiry centers on a July 25 phone call Trump had with the new president of Ukraine. The Democratic-written impeachment report by the House Intelligence Committee lays out evidence that Trump was trying to pressure Ukraine to investigate his political rivals, effectively intervening in the upcoming 2020 U.S. election.

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