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Mass protests over Hong Kong extradition law turn violent

Protesters in Hong Kong are promising more mass demonstrations after some erupted into violence. Police battled crowds in a growing crisis over Hong Kong officials’ granting mainland China greater control over the city -- including the power to extradite people from Hong Kong for trial in China. Debi Edward of Independent Television News reports on the “dogged determination” of the law’s critics.

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  • Judy Woodruff:

    Protesters in Hong Kong are promising more mass demonstrations after a day of violence. Police battle crowds taking a stand against a law that would enable extradition to mainland China.

    Debi Edward of Independent Television News reports from Hong Kong.

  • Debi Edward:

    This was the moment today's protest in Hong Kong turned nasty, the protesters engulfed in tear gas, as the police moved to disperse a demonstration which had brought part of the city to a standstill.

    Such is the strength of opposition to an extradition treaty with China. Thousands took to the streets this Wednesday to derail a council debate on the new law.

  • Man (through translator):

    Many Hong Kong people have come out to the protest today. And I'm sure there will be more of us in the coming weeks showing our opposition to this bill.

  • Debi Edward:

    Tensions have been running high here since a mass march on Sunday. This wasn't on the same scale, but the largely student crowd showed a dogged determination.

    There is now a thick, stinging fog of tear gas in the air, but these still protesters are determined to surge forward, chanting: "Quit the bill. Quit the bill."

    As the afternoon wore on, the violence escalated, the police forced to retreat at times, but then regrouping to charge at the protesters, firing rubber bullets. Two people were seriously injured.

    Hong Kong's chief executive condemned the trouble.

  • Carrie Lam:

    Again, I make this plea. Any violence will not be tolerated by our enforcement authorities, because tolerance of violence also gives rise to very adverse consequences.

  • Debi Edward:

    Tonight, more riot police were brought in as the standoff continued. They are under orders to use everything at their disposal to end this protest, and not allow another occupation to take hold.

    Debi Edward, ITV News, Hong Kong.

  • Judy Woodruff:

    Later, Hong Kong officials postponed a hearing on the extradition proposal. In Washington, President Trump said he hopes that — quote — "It all works out for China and for Hong Kong."

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