Politics Jul 26

New battlegrounds emerge 100 days before elections

A hundred days from now, Americans will vote for the next president. The latest polls show that President Trump is trailing former Vice President Joe Biden, the Senate is up for grabs and the pandemic will play a major role…

Nation Jul 11

Trump lags Biden on people of color in top campaign ranks

Twenty-five percent of the Republican president's senior staff are nonwhite, compared to 36% of Biden’s senior staff. Biden’s overall campaign team is 35% nonwhite; Trump’s campaign did not provide a comparable number.

Politics Jul 01

6 takeaways from Tuesday’s primaries

There were no presidential primaries on Tuesday, but there were several surprising House and Senate races that could offer some insight into voter priorities and enthusiasm with just four months left until Election Day.  Oklahoma voted…

Politics Jun 13

Activists cite tabulation flaw in mail-in ballots in Georgia

A top Georgia voting official, voting implementation manager Gabriel Sterling, said Friday that he had seen no evidence yet of the issue and found it difficult to believe the reports were “an active description of what is happening on the…

May 17

While someone like Elizabeth Warren could broaden Biden's appeal among progressives, the 70-year-old Massachusetts senator wouldn't be the face of a new generation many in the party are seeking. That might be an advantage for younger contenders, such as California…

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