Exposing Inequalities

Race and income disparities in healthcare, education, housing, and the workforce, unmasked by coronavirus.

At the end of 2020, more than 50 million people were facing hunger, up 15 million from the year before, according to data from Feeding America, an anti-hunger organization. The pandemic, and the associated stimulus payments and rescue plan are…

Mar 19

The Longest Year: How the pandemic made inequality in America worse

Generations of inadequate medical care, deeply entrenched economic disparities and a biased system of justice all came to a head, a reminder that for many Americans the hazards of structural racism are a daily reality. We hear the story of…

Mar 09

Child tax credit expansion sets up showdown with GOP

The massive coronavirus relief plan making its way to President Joe Biden’s desk includes a plan to temporarily raise the child tax credit that could end up permanently changing the way the country deals with child poverty.