Nation Jun 28

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America Inc overhauls brands in support of BLM

Products like Aunt Jemima are going through a branding and advertising overhaul as companies respond to the Black Lives Matter movement. NewsHour Weekend’s Christopher Booker reports on America Inc’s efforts to address and eliminate brand names and imagery that reflect…

Nation Jun 20

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Celebrating Juneteenth amid George Floyd protests

Thousands of protesters participated in hundreds of marches, rallies and celebrations across the country to commemorate Juneteenth, demanding an end to police brutality and systematic racism in the nation. Some called for the removal of statues that deify slavery and…

Jun 16

America in Black and Blue 2020

America in Black and Blue 2020, a PBS NewsHour Weekend special, offers context for and insight into the widespread protests currently engulfing the nation after the latest display of police brutality against Black citizens with reports from across the country…

Jun 13

AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s law and order and misinformation

Trump's week of law and order rhetoric came with heavy doses of misinformation as he stretched to blame unrest on radical leftists and to put three loaded words — “defund the police” — in the mouth of a Democratic rival…