Apr 23

Can we save our body’s ecosystem from extinction?

The sheer amount of bacteria in and on your body weighs three to four pounds, the same weight as the human brain. But overuse of antibiotics is threatening the microbes our guts need, and possibly giving rise to modern plagues.

Apr 09

Why some animals eat their young

Not all animals are cut out for motherhood. Some will abandon, neglect, even kill their own young. It's part of nature, biologists say. But when animals in zoos kill their own babies, zookeepers become "mom". It's not an easy job.

Apr 02

Is pot getting more potent?

The average potency of pot has more than tripled in the past two decades, according to testing done for the federal government. This comes just over a year after Colorado and Washington legalized the drug and as many other states…

Mar 12

I’d like to say that our conversations in the early weeks of parenthood focused on how to contribute most effectively to the college fund, establish healthy sleep habits and encourage muscle-building activities like tummy time. They didn’t. They were about…