Jul 02

Watch ideas light up a fish’s brain

Scientists at the NIH are mapping the activity of thousands of individual neurons inside the brain of a zebrafish as the animal hunts for food. In a small, windowless room that houses two powerful electron microscopes, a scientist is searching…

Jun 25

How to 3-D print a dinosaur

The Smithsonian's Digitization Program is 3-D scanning and printing the more than 200 bones of the Nation's T.rex, one of the largest and most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex skeletons ever discovered.

Jun 11

If you believe that all living things need oxygen to breathe, you’re not only wrong, but hopelessly human-centric. But don’t be too hard on yourself. Most mammals are biased toward multicellular organisms. It’s true that humans, along with mammals, birds,…

May 28

How to get an octopus to cooperate at his photo shoot

In 2002, photographer Kent Treptow first picked up a $10 two-gallon aquarium, a hand-held light, and his camera and headed to Newport Beach’s rocky tidepools to capture the sea creatures there. But as photo shoots go, sea cucumbers, sea…