World Apr 14

FILE PHOTO: A Syrian soldier loyal to President Bashar al Assad is seen outside eastern Ghouta, in Damascus, Syria February 28, 2018. REUTERS/Omar Sanadiki/File Photo
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Why Assad is winning the war in Syria

With support from Russia, Iran and Hezbollah, the Assad regime has managed to consolidate power in most parts of Syria previously held by ISIS. Apart from Friday’s joint missile strikes, the U.S.’s role has been limited to diplomatic talks, which…

World Apr 14

Syrians wave Iranian, Russian and Syrian flags during a protest against U.S.-led air strikes in Damascus on April 14. Photo by Omar Sanadiki/Reuters
Syrians gather in capital in defiance after airstrikes

Immediately after the attack, hundreds of residents gathered in Damascus' landmark Omayyad square, celebrating what they said was the army's success in shooting down or derailing some of the missiles.

World Apr 13

Anti-aircraft fire is seen over Damascus, Syria early April 14. Photo by Feras Makdesi/Reuters
Blasts from airstrikes turn Damascus sky orange

While the effectiveness of the strike is still being analyzed, "initial indications are that the precision of the Storm Shadow weapons and meticulous target planning have resulted in a successful attack," the ministry said in a statement.

Oct 01

Airstrikes launched amid intelligence gaps

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon is grappling with significant intelligence gaps as it bombs Iraq and Syria, and it is operating under less restrictive targeting rules than those President Barack Obama imposed on the CIA drone campaign in Pakistan and Yemen,…