James McNeill Whistler and the Case for Beauty

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Examine the life of the original art star.

The original art star, Whistler was a caustic wit and man-about-town. For the first time, a film examines the biography of the man and the course of his career. Best known for his painting popularly called “Whistler’s Mother,” by his death, Whistler was one of the most recognized artists in Europe and is today placed in the first rank of modern painters.

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About the Show

In the fall of 1855, at the age of 21, a young aspiring artist named James McNeill Whistler (1834-1901) left the United States for France, to study art. He would live the rest of his life abroad, mostly in London, where he would achieve fame in his lifetime as the painter of a portrait best known today as "Whistler’s Mother" and today, as the artist whose devotion to beauty advanced the 20th-century art form known as abstraction.

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