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Nancy Pelosi's Legacy and Future

Nancy Pelosi's Legacy and Future

To The Contrary went to Rep. Nancy Pelosi's new meeting room


TTC Extra: Women Applying for Big Jobs

TTC Extra: Women Applying for Big Jobs

A new study shows women can get the big jobs.

Women's News

GOP Lawmakers Expand Gender-Affirming Care Restrictions to Adults

March 29, 2023  | Read More »

State efforts to restrict gender-affirming care are moving beyond trans youth and increasingly focused on patients over the age of 18. Legislators in Kansas, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas have introduced bills barring health providers from offering care such as hormone treatments or surgery to people as old as 26.

What Would the Economy Look Like If It Worked for Women
The 19th Business & Economy

March 29, 2023  | Read More »

Last year, Heather McCulloch set out across the country asking women a question that has long been absent from discussion in her field: What would the economy look like if it worked for you? The findings, first shared exclusively with The 19th, highlight a list of the top challenges women of all backgrounds say are standing in the way of their economic mobility and what they view as the key policy solutions to those barriers.

Local Groups Work to Give Ukrainian Women Soldiers Uniforms that Fit
CBS News

March 29, 2023  | Read More »

Thousands of women have gone to the front lines to join the Ukrainian army's fight against Russia, and they often do so in uniforms that fit poorly because they were made for men.

Malnutrition in Women & Girls Has Soared 25% in Crisis-Hit Countries
World Economic Forum

March 29, 2023  | Read More »

More than a billion women and adolescent girls are malnourished, which has broad health, economic and well-being impacts. We are making slow progress and issues like soaring food prices, climate change and the lasting impact of the pandemic risk making the nutrition crisis an even greater problem in 2023.


Canadian Women’s Soccer Team Strike is Struck Down

February 17, 2023

By Natalie Fuerst 

It seems that inequality in women’s sports is not just limited to the United States. On February 10th, the National Women’s Soccer team threatened to strike after Canada Soccer, the national governing body of soccer, made cuts to their program. 

As a result of these cuts, according to players, the number of players and staff invited to training camps was reduced, youth teams’ activities were limited, and training camp days were decreased. All of this, combined with uncertainty regarding compensation, has players feeling incredibly disrespected. 

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To Prevent Ovarian Cancer, Fallopian Tubes Should Go

February 07, 2023

By Natalie Fuerst

It seems that people can’t seem to stop talking about women’s reproductive organs. First, Roe v Wade gets overturned in 2022, leaving women’s reproductive rights vulnerable. Then there is a battle over medical abortion.  And now, some experts are saying more women should consider removing both fallopian tubes to prevent ovarian cancer.  It’s a procedure known as salpingectomy. 

The Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance is now urging women, once they are done having children (~40 years of age) to have a surgical procedure to remove their fallopian tubes.  But they are recommending leaving the ovaries. The Alliance is even urging women who do not have the genetic mutations that lead to ovarian cancer to undergo this procedure if they were planning on having gynecologic operation(s).

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