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Misogyny and Shootings, Dartmouth Sex Assault Settlement

Misogyny and Shootings, Dartmouth Sex Assault Settlement

The link between mass shootings & hatred of women. Dartmouth pays out $14 million


TTC Extra: Gender, Trump & Dem Contenders

TTC Extra: Gender, Trump & Dem Contenders

Many Democrats report being anxious about nominating a woman to run against Donald Trump

Women's News

U.S. Rep. Steve King: If not for rape and incest, 'would there be any population left?'
Des Moines Register

August 15, 2019  | Read More »

U.S. Rep. Steve King told the Westside Conservative Club on Wednesday that humanity might not exist if not for rape and incest. "What if we went back through all the family trees and just pulled those people out that were products of rape and incest? Would there be any population of the world left if we did that?" he said at the event in Urbandale, Iowa.

The Myth of the ‘Underage Woman’
The Atlantic

August 15, 2019  | Read More »

On monday, the new york times columnist James B. Stewart published a remarkable article: a summary of an interview he had conducted last August with Jeffrey Epstein. The two were ostensibly talking together about matters of business—about rumors that Epstein had been doing advisory work for the electric-car company Tesla. But Epstein, in Stewart’s telling, kept guiding the conversation toward the secret that was at that point no secret at all: the fact that Epstein was a convicted sex offender. “If he was reticent about Tesla,” Stewart wrote, “he was more at ease discussing his interest in young women”:

Women Are Not Better at Multitasking. They Just Do More Work, Studies Show

August 15, 2019  | Read More »

Multitasking has traditionally been perceived as a woman's domain. A woman, particularly one with children, will routinely be juggling a job and running a household – in itself a frantic mix of kids' lunch boxes, housework, and organising appointments and social arrangements.

Why Women Veterans are 250% More Likely than Civilian Women to Commit Suicide
Military Times

August 15, 2019  | Read More »

After four years on active duty, Amy left the Army and moved back to her hometown. However, she struggled to find her tribe. At work, she was told her handshake was a bit too firm and lectured about how her direct communication style made her coworkers uncomfortable. At her local VFW bar, the men stopped talking to stare at her, and her attempts to connect were met with awkward silences. A few other attempts to connect with the veteran communities she saw advertised at the VA and Facebook left her feeling similarly displaced.


Misogyny & Shootings; Dartmouth Sexual Assault Settlement

August 09, 2019 Misogyny & Shootings; Dartmouth Sexual Assault Settlement

This week on To The Contrary with Bonnie Erbe, our panelists discuss the link between mass shootings and misogyny, and a new sexual assault settlement.

On the panel this week joining host Bonnie Erbe is: Megan Beyer, Wilson Center, Women In Public Service; Patrice Onwuka, Senior Policy Analyst at the Independent Women’s Voices; Latifa Lyles, Fmr. Dir. Women’s Bureau, US Dept. of Labor; Ann Stone, Co-Founder, Women For Trump.

Click read more to see what they had to say!

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Millennial Voices: Marvel and Representation in Film

August 06, 2019

By: Olivia Baumhoer

I’ll start off by saying that I’m slightly biased when it comes to talking about superhero movies. I’ve been a Marvel fangirl ever since I stepped out of the theater in 2011 after seeing “Captain America: The First Avenger.” I obsessively followed the release of every movie and like many Marvel fans bawled my eyes out watching the credits of “Avengers: Endgame” as we said goodbye to the original cast of 6 that formed the Avengers back in 2012.

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