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Nancy Pelosi's Legacy and Future

Nancy Pelosi's Legacy and Future

To The Contrary went to Rep. Nancy Pelosi's new meeting room


TTC Extra: Women Applying for Big Jobs

TTC Extra: Women Applying for Big Jobs

A new study shows women can get the big jobs.

Women's News

These Women Survived Combat. Then They Had to Fight for Health Care
The Washington Post

March 27, 2023  | Read More »

Last week a group of House Republicans and Democrats, all military veterans, introduced the Jax Act, which would require that these women’s personnel records be updated to reflect their front-line duties. The legislation, which was referred to the Armed Services and Veterans Affairs committees, is intended to remove the burden of proof Scott and others have faced when seeking medical treatment. Advocates say it also would change the broader conversation surrounding female veterans and challenge persistent misconceptions about their service. With its bipartisan sponsorship, there’s a strong chance the measure will move forward.

The GOP’s “Parents Bill of Rights” Excludes Millions of Parents
MSNBC Opinion

March 27, 2023  | Read More »

The legislation isn’t a complete nightmare. Some parts of it make sense and could have easily been a bipartisan effort, including a requirement that parents be notified when violence occurs on school grounds and a ban on schools selling student data for commercial purposes. The bulk of it, though, was drafted as a blueprint for the harassment of teachers, administrators and school boards that has escalated over the past three years.

Senator Elizabeth Warren Launches 2023 US Senate Reelection Campaign

March 27, 2023  | Read More »

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the senior U.S. senator from Massachusetts, is officially campaigning to retain her current office in Washington. Warren launched her 2024 Senate reelection campaign Monday morning and made the announcement through a video shared on social media.

Watch Live: Biden Hosts Women’s Business Summit
NBC News

March 27, 2023  | Read More »

Watch live coverage as President Biden hosts the Small Business Administration Women’s Business Summit at the White House as part of International Women’s Month.


Canadian Women’s Soccer Team Strike is Struck Down

February 17, 2023

By Natalie Fuerst 

It seems that inequality in women’s sports is not just limited to the United States. On February 10th, the National Women’s Soccer team threatened to strike after Canada Soccer, the national governing body of soccer, made cuts to their program. 

As a result of these cuts, according to players, the number of players and staff invited to training camps was reduced, youth teams’ activities were limited, and training camp days were decreased. All of this, combined with uncertainty regarding compensation, has players feeling incredibly disrespected. 

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To Prevent Ovarian Cancer, Fallopian Tubes Should Go

February 07, 2023

By Natalie Fuerst

It seems that people can’t seem to stop talking about women’s reproductive organs. First, Roe v Wade gets overturned in 2022, leaving women’s reproductive rights vulnerable. Then there is a battle over medical abortion.  And now, some experts are saying more women should consider removing both fallopian tubes to prevent ovarian cancer.  It’s a procedure known as salpingectomy. 

The Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance is now urging women, once they are done having children (~40 years of age) to have a surgical procedure to remove their fallopian tubes.  But they are recommending leaving the ovaries. The Alliance is even urging women who do not have the genetic mutations that lead to ovarian cancer to undergo this procedure if they were planning on having gynecologic operation(s).

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