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Pandemic WFH, Female Governors

Pandemic WFH, Female Governors

Work From Home: Burn Out or Game Changer? Only Nine Female Governors....Why?


TTC Extra: Girls Counting Themselves Out of Politics

TTC Extra: Girls Counting Themselves Out of Politics

Girls do not see themselves as politicians, according to a new study

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Women are Leading "the Great Resignation"
CBS News

October 14, 2021  | Read More »

Americans are quitting their jobs in record numbers — and women are leading "the Great Resignation." Almost 3% of workers handed in their resignations in August, a record, the government reported Tuesday. The number of people quitting rose to 4.3 million, dwarfing the number of layoffs from employers, who cut 1.3 million jobs the same month.

What Does Reality TV Owe Black Women?
Washington Post

October 14, 2021  | Read More »

116 Holly Hatcher-Frazier will never forget when she walked through the door of her daughter’s dance studio and was greeted by a demand. “I want her in an Afro,” dance instructor Abby Lee Miller said, pointing at Holly’s 10-year-old, Nia. “Do you have one?” After sardonically pretending to check her purse for a wig and coming up empty, Frazier absorbed what she was seeing: All the young dancers were dressed in colorful, sparkly costumes, while Nia — the only Black girl — was adorned in leopard print. Nia was usually never assigned solos, but this time she was: a routine to the tune of drag queen Shangela’s “Call Me Laquifa.”

PEOPLE's Girls Changing the World 2021 Prove that Making a Difference Is Possible at Any Age

October 14, 2021  | Read More »

In honor of this week's International Day of the Girl on Oct. 11, PEOPLE in 10 profiled truly inspiring girls around the country, raising awareness and funds for causes that are important to them — and that will change the world. Check them out in this segment, brought to you by STARZ #TakeTheLead, an initiative amplifying narratives by, about and for women and underrepresented audiences.

Anita Hill is "Believing"

October 14, 2021  | Read More »

This weekend To the Contrary host Bonnie Erbe interviews Anita Hill about her new book on fighting gender violence. You won't want to miss it!


TTC's Focus on Women in Afghanistan amid Chaos

August 20, 2021

We continue interviewing some of the most important thought leaders as we cover the chaos in Afghanistan and its impact on women.

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Extras - Full interviews on Transgender Athlete Controversy
and What was said on TTC

July 06, 2021 <B>Extras </B>- Full interviews on Transgender Athlete Controversy <br> and What was said on TTC

This week on To The Contrary with Bonnie Erbe, our panelists discuss Bill Cosby’s release from prison and the future of the #MeToo movement, as well as transgender athletes and the upcoming Tokyo Olympics. We have links to the full interviews with our experts, Joanna Harper and Donna Lopiano on transgender athletes.

On the panel this week joining host Bonnie Erbe is former Maryland US Representative Donna Edwards, Independent Women’s Voices’ Senior Policy Analyst Patrice Onwuka, Professor Lara Brown of George Washington University, and Washington Examiner  Commentary Writer Tiana Lowe. 

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