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Cari Dominguez Saba Ahmed Heather  White
Amanda Terkel Sabrina Schaeffer Anneke Greene
Angela McGlowan Linda Chavez Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
Michele  Bachmann Nicole Kurokawa Neily Amy  Siskind
Former Rep. Mary  Bono (R-CA) Carrie Lukas Cheri Jacobus
Marjorie Clifton Jill Filipovic Kay James
Francesca  Chambers Bettina  Inclan Marianne Williamson

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Atima Omara


"Atima Omara is an award-winning leader in politics and the progressive movement. With atima-2010over a decade of experience, she has worked in politics and progressive non-profits engaging youth, women, and people of color in the political process and related progressive causes.

Atima writes and speaks about national politics, candidates, and policy and culture issues including feminism, women in politics, women in film/media, reproductive rights & justice, domestic violence, and race & gender inequality."

To read more about Atima, visit her website:

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To The Contrary Host: Bonnie Erbé

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